Hey guys. I’m moving to Berlin from the UK via Vancouver in January and am wondering what the music scene’s like over there. I hear good things but it all seems to be mostly electronic music, so tell me, what’s the indie/rock/alternative scene like? Are there any bands I should check out? Which venues do you like? I’m hoping to kick start a solo project along with moving across the pond with my band, should I be excited? Thanks!

I only know the one from top gun, sorry



Hi Tom,

I recently moved over from the UK too. You’re right to say there a heavy focus on electronic music but there’s plenty of indie rock and punk too, my current favourite local band is Gurr:

I’m still fairly new in terms of actively seeking out the smaller scenes at the moment, but a friend of mine who also moved and has started a band are playing next week, so I’ll get more of an idea then. At the moment it seems Berlin is very good for venues (Lido, SO36, Cassiopeia) touring acts but doesn’t produce many of its own notable “bands” (plenty of DJs/composers of course) yet but I may just need to do a bit more digging.

I haven’t really considered playing my own music in Berlin yet but that’s largely because I’ve been focusing on the practicalities of moving, give me a shout with your music and if you would like to know more!

Thats awesome man, thankyou. Are you enjoying it over there? Do you play anything?

Oh yeah bass, guitar and some vocals in loads of bands

I saw this band at The Shacklewell Arms a few weeks ago. Great band.

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Yeah I briefly saw them at stag and dagger and they properlyrics blew me away

What do you do for work there pal? Bit nervous about finding a job, don’t sprechen the deutch very well :’(

I actually don’t have a job there yet, my German partner does, I’m otherwise a freelance journalist (iI’m actually in Calgary right now).

What kinda work do you do/would like to? There are plenty of english speaking jobs out there!

Oh cool you’re Canadian! I want to bartend really…

no, British, I’m just out here covering Sled Island

Hello. Coincidentally I’m moving to Berlin tomorrow. I don’t speak much/any German yet, but I’m going to be working in tech where everyone speaks English.

Anyway, music-wise, a guy I used to gig with in Edinburgh is now in a band called Leoprrrds, who are good. That’s the only Berlin band I know about so far. Moving from Edinburgh I’m mostly excited to be able to go and see all the touring bands I want to without getting the train to Glasgow…

I haven’t made much music myself in ages but I’m going to try taking moving as an opportunity to get back into it.

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I’ve just moved FROM Glasgow so never had that problem :wink:

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I genuinely couldn’t believe it when I realised I could see Aldous Harding, Big Thief and Swans in the space of three nights. If that sort of thing continues I’m going to end up so skint. At least being a train journey away made me think twice before buying tickets to things…

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yeah its crazy how much is going on, I need to get some writing gigs here :wink:

You guys mind if I get your facebooks? Maybe we can go for some beers when I arrive in Jan…

Also, Leoprrrds Berlin music playlist…


Also sure