Right, I’m off to Berlin for a few days tomorrow for the old wedding anniversary. What’s good over there, then?


Nobody on this forum has ever been to Berlin.


Take her up the OXO tower


Bottles of decent beer are very cheap.


I’ve heard it can take your breath away, so be careful.


I live here. But I can’t say I’ve ever really been here.


I love Kreuzberg. Really cool, grimy and friendly. Smoky bars takes some getting used to though. I thought I missed the atmosphere. Turns out i didn’t.


I went to an upside-down bar where all the furniture was on the ceiling. Took a photo and hilariously flipped it upside down like absolutely every other tourist who’s been there-

Also had a look around the Olympic stadium which was free and now part of a big sports park


I saw a fox at the Potsdamer platz. Think it’s fuchs in German which is good.

Also got some free pretzels in one bar which were really nice


All of it


Had to go on a David Bowie tour of Berlin once (yes) and it was 5 hours and towards the end the tour guide revealed that Bowie didn’t even remember living there because he was so off his head

Really bad


I really liked the ddr museum


Don’t go it’s shite


I love berlin! The memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe is incredible.


Also the soviet war memorial park


yeah I somehow only went to this for the first time quite recently and it’s absolutely amazing


Ah, didn’t realise the Olympic Stadium was free to have a look at. Quite a fan of having a gander at an empty stadium, which is just as well seeing as I’m a York City fan.


Yep, planning on going to that, so glad to hear it’s worth it. All over the DDR stuff, me.


Checkpoint Charlie is probably the best museum I’ve ever been to. It’s a bit rough round the edges but packed to the raffters with very interesting cold war… things


Idk, I thought it was good, but a lot of reading things on walls. Ddr was much better in terms of playing with things like a big kid.