It’s so well done and so powerful/emotional

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If you’re married to a lady and she likes make up, Berlin has a Sephora


similar to Checkpoint Charlie but a little less busy/off beaten track is Bernauer Straße, which has the longest preserved stretch of wall and a very interesting, free entry, museum and watchtower too.


You should, the Olympiastadion is amazing. When are you going though? It’s the DFB Pokal final between Bayern and Frankfurt this Saturday.

Also being more serious now; can you be more specific? I’m guessing you haven’t been before what sort of thing are you most interesting in doing/seeing? How long you going? Where are you staying etc?

I live here (well maybe not now, hence my “joke”) so always happy to help

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I agree about Kreuzberg. I thought it was a really cool part of the city.

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I went for a walk to his and Iggy’s old flat in Schoneberg. Walking to it from the centre was a cool way to get see a bit of the city.


Yeah, I spotted that the other day. Did swither over trying to see if I could get tickets, but not sure how well that one would go down. Mind you, we did do a baseball game on our honeymoon, so you never know…

Aye, never been before - never been in Germany, to be honest - we’re there from tomorrow afternoon until Sunday night. Staying out at…checks Google Maps…Gotzkowskystraße 12, so not a million miles out of the centre.

Mostly interested in recent history (hence the Wall/DDR stuff), design/architecture (hence the museums and Bauhaus) and drinking (hence the being Scottish stuff). To be honest, we’re up for looking into most things so anything you can recommend would be ace.

Was pinning my hopes on there being some sort of electronic music museum of some description, but looks like Frankfurt’s got that one all sewn up.

Go to Das Gift

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That’s Barry from Mogwai’s place, isn’t it?

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oh, you’re staying in Moabit! How strange, I didn’t know that was even a thing. My language classes were just around the corner on Turmstraße

Ok well, you are within walking distance of Charlottenburg Palace which is a pretty amazing place and a slice of Prussian history. You’re also not too far from Tiergarten which I would recommend as it’s an amazing park both because it also has some cool memorials and stuff but also for Cafe am Neuen See which is a nice little-hidden beer garden/pizza place by the lake that isn’t too crowded, generally speaking. Charlottenburg itself is fine, mostly for shopping and theatre though so if you’re not bothered about that I’d patch it other than Olympiastadion (the game will be sold out though so just go another day, it’s an amazing place)

otherwise, besides the aforementioned Bernauer Straße I always recommend (if the weather is nice and you’re into walking) going from Reichstag down to Checkpoint Charlie, as you pretty much cover all the big historical sites/memorials that way, you could even then make your way back up towards Under den Linden and Museum Island/Alexanderplatz to cover all the major sites.

There are loads of amazing museums, I’m a big fan of Hamburger Bahnhof personally (the old train station before the new Hauptbahnhof came in for the 2006 World Cup), Bauhaus is good but check the opening times before you go because it tends to be closed at random intervals.

In terms of going out, as many have said, Kruezburg is good, as is Neukölln and Friedrichstaße. Prenzlauer Berg where I live is nice but is a bit gentrified these days. Other than Das Gift (as a Scot it’s part of the pilgrimage) I wouldn’t personally bother recommending any bars or whatever because:

  1. Once the weather is nice, you’re just going to sit outside anyway so it doesn’t really matter
  2. For the same reason you can sit outside offies (Spätkaufs, or Spätis as they are referred to) and sit either outside there or head to a park and have a couple beers in say, Görlitzer (you will be offered drugs here) or Treptower, which has the amazing Soviet Memorial mentioned above, or Tempelhof (old airport) or the Landwehr Canal outside the hospital is also a good spot.

Main thing to keep in mind is that: You won’t cover everything in one weekend, so just go with your feeling (as everyone in the city does) and come back soon, the city will make you want to do that. People, in general, are friendly and happy (well, not angry, anyway) to speak English if you don’t have any German as they are pretty used to a healthy amount of tourists and international backgrounds living there.

You can get a three-day travel ticket when you arrive which will cover you. Which airport are you flying to? I assume Schönefeld? Great if Tegel cuz you can get a bus directly from there to where you are staying, but if not, Schönefeld (which is a bit of a pain) does have a direct train into town which will take you to Hauptbahnhof fairly quickly. From there it’s a short bus to Moabit (it’s also walkable but I assume depending on the amount of stuff you have you might not want to do that initially)

Most importantly, have fun! It’s a magical place.

Man, I shouldn’t have replied to this, getting some deep regrets about leaving now.

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certainly is! (It’s actually his wife who runs it but yeah)

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This is true. I’m also here right now because my office is in the Wall Memorial Park thingy.


Mate, that’s brilliant, more than enough to keep us going! Yeah, we managed to get a nice wee AirB&B place in Maobit, so we had thought about wandering into the city on foot (we’re a pair of walkers…stop sniggering at the back) so will definitely take the route you recommend.

We’re flying into Tegel so we’ll pick up a travel ticket from there, keeps it easy for us.

Thanks again!

If there’s not a bronze of the Hoff placed atop the remaining section, I shall consider the whole visit ruined.

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ah perfect, yeah you can get the ticket from Tegel and bus straight to your gaff then (although if you’re going to be mostly walking, also consider just getting single tickets… also no one really checks tickets in Berlin, it’s pretty much all honour system, but if you do get caught, it’s a 60 euro fine, I think)

Take an inappropriate photo at the holocaust memorial


oh also, the East Side Gallery that runs between Ostbahnhof and Warschauer Straße by the Spree is worth a look, it’s where all the famous graffiti is on that stretch of the wall.

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Actual suggestions: If the Badeschiff is open go for a heated swim in a pool floating in the spree and have a beer while you’re at it. Also check out balkan tripps on glogauerstr for beers and if you can find it, Rissani near Gorlitzer park does the greatest cheapest Turkish food, ask for the ‘rissani teller’… enough for two, even three perhaps.


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big call this in a city that is entirely excellent and cheap Turkish food

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