I’m in Berlin for a long weekend next thursday till Tuesday

Any DiSsers in Berlin? Any tips/absolutely must see/must eat recommendations?

Hit me

Don’t think anyones been


There’s at least 2 DiSsers that live (or lived) there

But good jokes there safebruv, good jokes

I’ve lived there, both as a child (pre wall coming down :sunglasses:) and an adult :smiley:

But @Severed799 is definitely a better source of recent info :+1:


ANOTHER thread? geez-oh. I haven’t been since May but I guess I’m still fairly up to date, what would you like to know?

also @sweetverbs I believe is still there

Where are the previous threads? Has everything been covered elsewhere?

Just where to idle of a Sunday …where’s good to eat. That kind of thing

a few times yes, but alles gut

Sunday most people frequent Mauerpark, it’s got a huge flea-market on sundays but as it’s no longer summer it shouldn’t be quiet as mental as it is peak summer. It translates to “wall park” because a long stretch of the wall used to run through it, so I’d also reccomend walking along Bohnholmer straße as it has long stretches of the wall and old watching towers and bunkers still standing, with a free museum about occupied Berlin.

my favourite place to eat is probably Hamy Cafe. Amazing bowls of viet pho for 4 EURO 90. Where abouts will you be staying?

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oh I should add, if the weather is good enough Mauerpark also has the world famous “bear pit karaoke” where randomers get up and perform songs to people in a mini-amphitheatre

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Me and my gf have just got back from a week in Berlin. Weather was really warm so we did a lot of hanging out in parks with beers (got chilly at night though). We’re by no means experts but this is what we did in case it’s helpful for some ideas:

  • Tempelhofer Feld and Treptower Park

  • Botanical Gardens - second visit here, my gf loves the greenhouses here.

  • Potsdam Sannsouci - spent half a day here, could easily spend more. Well worth the train journey and it was free to wander round the park to ogle the palaces.

  • Food: we really liked Roamers, Bona Kollectiv, cafe bRICK for brunch. Ummami for amazing Vietnamese food (we went twice). Voner and Curry 36 for (vegan) kebabs and currywurst. Azzam on Sonnenallee was good too. Markethalle Neun in Kreuzberg had lots of food stalls.

  • Bars: spoilt for choice on Weserstrasse and around Kotbusser Tor. The one on the roof of the Neukolln shopping centre had great views in the early evening. Beer gardens in the Tiergarten are quite nice.

  • Record shops: Spacehall, Hard Wax, Record Loft (spent hours here).

  • Plenty of museums and art galleries, big fan of Berlinische Galerie and Bauhaus Museum in particular. There’s a techno exhibition on at the moment somewhere too which looked good from the leaflets, but we didn’t make it in the end.

  • If clubs are your thing, we went to: Sameheads, sweaty little basement with a cool bar upstairs. Griessmuehle: usual stompy techno across a sprawling warehouse complex and garden area. Got turned away from Berghain on Sunday evening.

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Gonna practice some Alphaville just in case :slight_smile:

these are all solid shouts^ Both those parks are excellent for different reasons (Tempelhofer is a former airport, Treptower has the amazing Soviet War Memorial.)

I never made it out to Potsdam actually (was always meaning to go to a Babelsberg game.) I did go to Wansee in that direction though which is a beautiful spot. Also Tuefelsberg in Grunewald is absolutely amazing, it’s the old listening tower the Americans set up to “spy” on the Soviets (it’s massive so imagine that spying on anything) and has incredible views over the city. It’s near the olympiastadion too which is also worth checking out.

Also, natürlich I’m a big fan of Das Gift which is Barry Burns from Mogwai and his wife’s bar.

TBH I say this to everyone who visits Berlin the first time; you won’t get to do everything but you will want to go again.


Cheers for this m9

Yeah, the club side of things is well locked down -
Red Bull weekend - going to see my pal Matt Karmil do his first live modular set & also hopefully hook up with labelmate Peach and some others too (though the DJs for Palestine thing has set a few cats among a few pigeons so some of Red Bull weekend might not be happening quite as planned)

Thanks for the tips!

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Ahm oot

wasps are everywhere tbh so you’re gonna have to put up with it either way. That’s cool you’re doing Red Bull weekend, my pal Lauren will be working that

depends when you go, Tempelhof at sunset is amazing. Tiergarten is great though, especially Cafe am Neuer See (which I think is what @suapth is referring to):

there’s loads of wasps here too though FYI

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I’ll be staying on Ossasstraße in (North) Neukoln

I’m wasn’t a massive fan of Berlin tbh outside of the museums and history bits

We went there (can confirm: wasps fucking everywhere) and also Schleusenkrug which had fewer wasps and a couple of foxes!

Nice! not been to that one, never saw many foxes in my time there actually.

thanks @harru