We went there (can confirm: wasps fucking everywhere) and also Schleusenkrug which had fewer wasps and a couple of foxes!


Nice! not been to that one, never saw many foxes in my time there actually.


thanks @harru


Oh I also meant to say, cool that you went to the botanical gardens even though it’s a bit far out, that’s right next to my uni


Muted horn (craft beer bar) and industry standard (modern but decent priced restaurant) are both nearby and v. Good (was hammered when we were in industry standard so may be misremembering)


I hope he hasn’t hertha your feelings!


Was listening to him earlier, lovely stuff!


There are also a lot of good night spots but can’t remember many names. There’s a nice bar called tennis which I found very funny cause of a football thread in joke and my girlfriend correctly thought I was a massive dork


my main beef with Tempelhof was the lack of anything else but wasps.

I figure maybe it’s one to cycle around, but then why not cycle round Tiergarten instead?

would have gone for a quick wander last night, but I was unsure how viable that would have been, how well lit the place is etc.


Oh sweet that sounds ace, saw Peach in London recently she was great! Yeah saw all that and the cancellations, doesn’t look good…


He’s also a super top geezer and a mate since 20 years back. He’s ace :slight_smile:


oh cool ok, nice spot, you are within walking distance of places like Das Gift and Hamy Cafe then (also my favourite beer wankery places Lager Lager and Muted Horn). You’re also right by the bit of the canal you can sit and a few beers by.

Not mentioned yet but you are also near Görlitzer Park, which is… an experience. Basically, go for a laugh but be prepared into being pestered into buying all the drugs (so if that’s what you’re after, go there). There is also an amazing Israeli cafe called Mugrabi alongside Görli which is excellent.

tbh though to be a proper Berliner you just walk about with cans and eating döner. For instance, Mustafi’s on Meringdamm followed by everyone’s favourite punk bar, Clash.

Also just a bit of advice, keep cash on you cuz loads of places don’t take card.


I can confirm that Tennis Bar is great (used to be my local) and the joke is very funny, if dorky. See also Trude Ruth und Goldammer round the corner.

I’d say I’m pining to go back now, but I actually am going back in a couple weeks, even if for slightly sad circumstances. But Union are playing Holstein Kiel while I’m there so that will be some buzz wi’ the boys.


both are great to cycle round. Also Tempelhofer does have things:


btw what’s the deal with food stalls with sweet stuff on them in both Vienna and Berlin (and I guess much of Europe) being crawling with wasps?

like, even at the indoor coffee and baked goods place opposite the Ostbahnhof U-Bahn station: baked goods counter, wasps literally crawling all over the strudel and whatnot.


I mean, it’s fine. just something I noticed.

I’m sure wasps have very clean feet.


This^^ - we were surprised at how few places took card, and got caught out a few times. Annoying how getting money out over 50EUR inevitably means getting a 50EUR note though. Ended up doing ATM withdrawals in smaller batches to avoid this.


think it just doesn’t really bother Germans, they’re so used to the wasps that there’s no point fighting them (plus they can exactly spray shit over the food)


just to double down on the frustration as well, there are hardly any ATMs and all of them charge unless you are with that bank (or a partner)


yeah my gf is obsessed with/collects cacti and succulents, so we end up going to botanical gardens everywhere we go. Berlin is her favourite by far and I’d probably agree! Didn’t feel too far out, but there wasn’t much else to do round there and seemed quite quiet.