well I guess in comparison to Potsdam, no it’s not that far out, but generally speaking not many tourists make it out to Steglitz/Dahlem (which actually is kinda nice because it’s quite an authentic area or Berlin)


I’m glad you guys mentioned this about the cash as I’m VERY MUCH a card man



ahh yeah. I hung out with somebody from Sweden in Berlin and they were taken off guard a bit too.

like, even places you would expect.


yeah scandi countries are basically entirely card payment now right?


Pretty much, yep


I meant to ask you this years ago, but do you know a Swede called Marcus N**erg? Photographer who used to live in STH but now lives in Berlin. You kinda remind me of each other.


I know of him but I don’t actually know him, nope

In what way do I remind you of him/him of me?


I have been here and can confirm it is v good

Also saw a naked man in the bushes while walking through the park tho which was less good


Dunno really. Both cool Swedes (even though you’re not!), I guess. I never met him but he let me and my girlfriend stay in his flat for a few nights for free having never met us before, and even after he’d agreed to move to Berlin and subletted the flat it was on the condition that for these days we could still stay. Which was just ridiculously generous of him really.


what a lovely chap


Oh yeah there’s a designated nudist section in tiergarten


Just got back from a holiday touring around Germany and we absolutely loved Berlin. If you’re looking for touristy type things to do I would highly recommend the Fernsehturm (massive telephone tower in Alexanderplatz) and the DDR Museum. Brandenburg Gate lit up at night is superb too.

We stayed in the Neuköln/Kreuzberg are which is very ‘hip’ and buzzy in the evening and spent the days doing the touristy things during the days. I would like to go back and spend some time doing it properly some time.

Fitted in a pilgrimage to this place:

And ate lots of this:




If you could only do one of these, which?

  • Stasi Museum
  • Airport Tempelhof.

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I never did the Stasi museum but can attest Tempelhofer is great