Bespectacled users only

Alright guys?

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yes thanks, I haven’t been wearing them so much recently

Yeah I can barely be fucked with contacts anymore. If it is really nice out or raining then maybe but nothing betwixt.

I really need to get my eyes checked again.

It’s been about four years since I last had them done.


Ahahahahah speccy 4 eyes!


Can you see this?

great thanks!

lets do a quick audit:

worn glasses for:
scratched or finely polished:
how many pairs do you own:
do you ever wear lenses:

since i was 2 so about 34 years
pretty scratched
just the 1 plus sunglasses. probably have some old prescription ones in a drawer somewhere
nope, used to then had children and realised I am no longer looked upon as attractive so what’s the point really

Calm down, creaky

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never pictured you wearing glasses lonzo

I’ve got some that I only need to wear for reading.

since i was 14 (needed them longer but never wanted to wear them)
had them for about 18 months and they’re not too bad yet
only one pair plus one pair of sunglasses with my current prescription. have two pairs that i’m holding on to but they aren’t right to wear.

worn glasses for: >25 years
scratched or finely polished: somewhere between
how many pairs do you own: maybe 8? (get so many free ones from Specsavers plus cheap Chinese and Canadian ones)
do you ever wear lenses: yeah as above, probably only one or two days a week

Sorry to hear that

worn glasses for: Two periods: Age 7-12 for reading; Age 17+ for driving, cinema etc
scratched or finely polished: They are immaculate
how many pairs do you own: One
do you ever wear lenses: I can’t stand lenses, so no.

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  • I’ve worn glasses since I was six, so that’s twenty two years there.
  • These have a few scratches and one chip out of one lens.
  • I have an old pair knocking about just in case these get broken.
  • Natch, never worn them. Should probably get them for gigs but fuck it.

Why isn’t everyone getting loads of spare pairs for £15 from Lensway or whatever? I think I paid £8 (delivered, crazy shit) for the pair on my face and they are cool as fuck and I can see.

Do they offer really strong prescriptions Balonz? Because I’m a blind git.

Ah, probably but then they will be more expensive. I’m in the -3.5 range which is probably as far as you can go without thinning the lenses (if you have thick frames too of course).