Bespectacled users only



worn glasses for: forever
scratched or finely polished: no scratching
how many pairs do you own: dozens
do you ever wear lenses: yes (evenings out and when playing sport)


i’m gonna buy a cheapo spare pair tonight, i think. who do you recommend the most, lonzy?


worn glasses for: About 24 years, I think.

scratched or finely polished: Smudged lenses but scratch free.

how many pairs do you own: I have an older pair I keep in the glovebox of my car, just in case.

do you ever wear lenses: For sport and if it’s sunny enough to require sunglasses.


what about leeds?


My glasses are really dirty.


In other glasses news I have one long sighted and one short sighted eye. Pretty rad, opticians find me fascinating


haha, l :eyes: sers




With searching for voucher codes too of course.


6 years
One plus non scrippo suns
Never yet


worn them since I was like 5, so 21 years?
bit in between. not scratch but not polished
2 but one of them is the wrong prescription
absolutely never


My cat crept up behind me and slapped my glasses off my face today


-4.5/-5.5 for me. Will have a look at the site later on anyway! Good shout Balonz!


About 20 years
Scratched frames, polished lenses
Two pairs of standard glasses and one pair prescription sunglasses
Used to, and still have some left over for the roughly once per year I go swimming.

Fact: I look better with glasses than without.


worn glasses for: 19 years
scratched or finely polished: smudged.
how many pairs do you own: 1 normal pair, 1 prescription sunglasses and an old pair that are so scratched I can barely see through them.
do you ever wear lenses: no, never tried and never will.


Been wearing glasses for about 8 years. I have astigmatism so am slightly long in one eye and slightly short in the other. Before I wore glasses I was getting a lot of headaches and eye strain caused bruising under one eye - it reached a point where I was starting to think I was having fights when drunk that I couldn’t remember.

I wouldn’t need to wear glasses quite so much if for the first 6 months the idiots at Specsavers hadn’t confused which eye the lenses were meant to be in, meaning I made my eyesight worse and could barely wear the glasses.

Now don’t get very much eye strain and can do 8-14 hours at the computer without feeling like I’ve had my eyes in a hoover.


4 years
Finely polished (brand new as of Wednesday)
2, going to buy a third pair (prob sunglasses)
No, I like my face with glasses on


only pair i want are in the sale already so voucher codes are redundant. not really sure i want to spend £50 :-1:

(although also would not wear any of the £9 - 19 ones)


Anyone seen the price fixing tinfoil hat video about glasses prices?


They change them quite a bit. None I would buy in the sub 20 either.