Best 3 krautrock tracks


…are mother sky by can. Hallogallo by neu and faust ‘it’s a bit of a pain’

Come at me


Faust’s “Krautrock” is a better Krautrock song.

Can’t really argue with the other two, though the Can song that always pops into my head when I start thinking about Can is Future Days.


Any list that doesn’t contain Halleluhwah by Can is invalid.

Fight me.


great shout


Yep. Tough to argue against both Faust krautrock and hallewah. I just think that mother sky shades it!

Watched Michael rother do hallogallo on Thursday night in Chelsea. Proper goosebumps!


Vitamin C, shirley




Probably Isi by Neu! for me Clive


Not sure about top three. But I love Oh Yeah by Can and obviously Hallogallo is a classic