Best 3-piece band?


Inspired by someone in that Nirvana/pumpkins thread who reckons it's Nirvana.

It's clearly Sleater-Kinney for me, but I could entertain a vote for the Minutemen.


hmm. mclusky?






I have a feeling it is Hüsker Dü


good shout

just remembered Dinosaur Jr too - that era seems particularly strong for guitar+bass+drums


Saw Vieux Farka Toure a few years back at a festival and he had an absolutely storming power trio, was like watching Hendrix or something (I imagine)


I need to think about this longer, but I just want to throw METZ into the running.



It's either Muse or The Police, I can't decide.


The Beatles


Sleater-Kinney is a good shout. My fav three-piece record is Autolux's Future Perfect.


Great shout.


Ash or the thermals.


Modest Mouse before they became a 5,000 piece band.

Long Drive, Lonesome Crowded West, Building Nothing Out Of Something, Moon & Antartica.





Lot of comedy/indie point answers in this thread, like Sleater-Kinney. It's Nirvana,guys




Carter USM circa 1994-1996.


Isn't it kinda impossible to compare, say, Low and FOTL?