Best 3-piece band?





Gang of Four



Yeah, if they count it’s without a doubt Modest Mouse. Can’t believe I forgot them yesterday.

For a runner-up I’d like to throw in The Antlers too.



Also Unwound duh




the last tiem i saw modest mouse they had three drummers and about 14 members in total. i’d say they don’t count.


They were amazing when they were a three piece though


The correct answer is probably the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Personal favourite is still Primus though, due to the unconventional delivery (lead bass, rhythm guitar).


I saw The Residents perform as a three piece last year. I’m going to change my answer to “The Residents”.


And The Tiger Lillies.


Or maybe Hot Head Show.


But thier best albums came out as a 4 piece :frowning:


Ah, but when they did their big UBS announcement, they revealed their true identities! Only three names were mentioned: Randy, Chuck, and Bob:

So while there might be four figures in that photo, there might not be four Residents in that photo!

Or something. I don’t know. Cryptic bunch.


Randy Bob and Chuck are no more! That trilogy of shows is over, I think they’re cows and plague doctors now.

There is only one original resident remaining. (Allegedly)




Oh look, they’re a four-piece again:

Well, shut my mouth.


Galaxie 500


My Vitriol (Som, Ravi, drum machine)


Dinosaur Jnr and Killdozer.