Best 3-piece band?


Keane. Who needs a guitarist when you have a sponge faced singer who looks like he singing the snowman at a school church service


I have a sneaking suspicion you could be right about the Dü.


ACTUALLY, he played guitar when touring Perfect Symmetry, their third album, I THINK YOU’LL FIND.


Big ol’ Moonface played guitar? News indeed.

Was Bedshaped the good one?


That was one of their good songs, yes.

I also like this one a lot:

VERY musical theatre. And dig that shredding in the chorus!




It’s definitely Sleater-Kinney, there’s no debate.

Dinosaur Jr close second tho.

Trying to think of a decent 3 piece from 2000s/2010s and the only one I’ve got is Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but there seem to have been loads in the 90s and 80s and that. Conclusion; millennials have more friends.



You definitely hate them, but they’re definitely fantastic.



Burning Brides, The Antlers, METZ, Twilight Sad, Cloud Nothings, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, White Lung, The Hand, Blonde Redhead, and Them Crooked Vultures are some good post-2000 ones.


Not sure if they can really count. I thought they had just changed their bassist a couple of times?


Not trying to claim they’re the world’s greatest 3-pieces but thought this would be a good place to drop this cos PAWS are deadly.


That’s true, I’m never sure if that revolving 4th member is a studio musician or an official member. Maybe switch them out with The Thermals on the strength of The Body, The Blood, The Machine alone.


Supergrass? I’m not having the keyboard brother as a full member.


Yeah that’s fair enough. They were a four piece when I saw them in 2014 but had heard that there had been a couple of changes since.

Great shout with The Thermals!


They were either a solo or 5-piece depending on if you think it’s just Casey Chaos


Twilight sad are a 4 piece at the least


White Lung is definitely a 3 piece. (despite the presence of revolving / touring bassist)


Destiny’s Child


yeah i guess there’s 3 core members nowadays but i wouldn’t really count them