Best 3-piece band?


The Jam?


Moon Duo (trio)


You're definitely wrong on both counts there, you herbert. They definitely mate some alright songs many years ago, I definitely am pretty neutral towards them.


It took this many posts for anybody to mention destiny's child, we should all be ashamed. I'm ashamed.


Now come on you Rodney Plonker, I was talking about This Heat.


no u


Ah the music boards, gotta love em


Boris blates


They all end up getting more members in the end though don't they?

Sleater Kinney had an extra guitarist for the recent stuff.
Nirvana were a four piece by the end
Even Dinosaur Jr played with a second drummer and another guitarist on a few songs recently.
Lemonheads usually four live.
Beastie Boys don't count as always have a live DJ



Yeah, what the hell is this, Portishead? There's bloody hundreds of them!


dunno why I often get irrationally annoyed when bands get extra people in for gigs or add new members. even though it often sounds good/works well. there's just something I like about when they make the most of what they've got.


Agreed. Also: backing music.


mind when bands like Alkaline Trio (!) and Green Day did it but pretended they didn't for some of the songs and had the extra guitarist only come on occasionally even though they're clearly playing from the side of the stage when not out front




actually fuck it it's FRAUEN. Got to believe in yourself:




King's X
The Police
The Mercury Tree


Screaming Females


Reuben when they were active.

Young Legionnaire th


ooh yeah - good one