Best album artwork 2018


couldnt find one for this year but just seen this in piccadilly records weekly mailout

wayang by suba

they called it

so i might buy it just based on those things


that’s nice that is.

So is this







Already looks like a classic album.


Don’t know anything about this band (Gengahr) but what a lovely cover:


Really love the retro feel of this one




looks like one of those album covers made by doing the random wiki search thing. cover’s nice but that name, man


Reminds me of this (which is not a bad thing)


It’s colourful but a bit formulaic.

@WizardLizard I was actually pretty disappointed by that Ought cover.

I’ll stop being negative and post some favourites:

Lucy Dacus - Historian

Shopping - The Official Body

We Out Here - s/t


the shopping and we out here ones are gorgeous :heart_eyes:


Keep meaning to actually listen to We Out Here (jazz project curated by Shabaka Hutchings of Comet is Coming fame) but, as with all jazz, I need to sit down properly for it.

Shopping is one of my surprise favourites from the year


ooh i liked the comet is coming album so i might have to pick this up


Speaking of which…he’s got a good track record in album art. Still remember this beauty:


that reminds me, i bought this in fopp the other day mainly for the cover and because the idea sounded interesting and coz it was on erased tapes so i knew it wouldnt be shit

turns out its brilliant, glitchy ambient with bits of modern classical

Impulse record buying

the new sons of kemet art is good too (small image, couldn’t find a big’un)


Ah how come (in regards to the Ought cover)? I’m quite a fan of thick brush strokes on a canvas though…

Of the three you’ve posted, I quite like the Lucy Dacus one! Not heard (or seen the artwork for) the We Out Here album. And as much as I love the Shopping record, I thought the artwork was pants, like an A-Level photography project or something…


Ought one is great, like I’ll see it in a shop or online once or twice a week and I see something different in it every time, even if it’s just a glance. I’d buy a print of it and stick it on my wall if I could.

Not totally into the album but i should give it more time