Best album artwork 2018


It’s great and completely wasted on what seems to be a digital only release. A full sized vinyl version would be fantastic.


Was just gonna post this, I absolutely LOVE IT.


It’s a real grower of a record too innit. It’s taken me a week or so to get to grips with it but the production is handled really well, it’s quite sparse in places. Set Set is an absolute banger.





New Marissa Nadler LP:


love this Husalah ‘H’ cover


DJ Koze - Knock Knock


Not a fan… not sure why. I like the album, just not the artwork


good shapes imo. coulda done w/o the copy i guess.


Nah fam. Looks like a silly cunt in a tree.


I don’t disagree!


Looks like something Jamiroquai might have come up with. It just inspires in me a desire to find something to throw at him to try and knock him out of the tree.


Really like the new Alex Zhang Hungtai (Dirty Beaches) one




yeah everytime i’ve seen it in shops i’ve thought “is that not a New Order single cover?”


thought the Shopping art was a bit rubbish compared to the nice aesthetic of their previous ones (albeit a better album probably). appealing colour though i guess.

that Lucy Dacus one is very nice


quite like the Okkervil River art


new Exploded View: