Best album artwork 2018




nice little one-two, here. afro-latin soul parts 1 and 2 by mulatu astatke. reminds me of bridget riley which is aaaaaalways a good thing <3


Kind of surprised no one’s put up Lets Eat Grandma - I’m All Ears yet. It feels incredibly representative.


really like the art for this compilation


its a bit :man_shrugging:


this is quite bad


Low - Double Negative


ooft yeah saw that the other day and i love it


The album is exceptionally good too.


Who is this?


Salad Boys - This Is Glue. Kiwi band. Really good summery/fuzzy/jangly lo-fi garage album


:smiley: fair, i really like it but actually not sure it looks as good out of context from the music (which is great)




Firtan - Okeanos. German atmo black metal


It’s a no from me dawg.


Right, up until just now I saw this as a nice abstract painting, but all of a sudden I now see it as a view down on to the top of a man’s head who has a moustache of yellow fire sweeping around his cheeks, the lower left corner shows his nose and eyes, screwed up, wrinkles in the forehead above. The kind of moth picture upper left is now a design tattooed on his head.

I now can’t unsee this, tell me I’m not going mad,

  • Yes! I see that too!
  • You’re hallucinating, go and have a sit down.

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Excellent. In that case it’s an even better album cover!


i like the Moaning artwork a lot for some reason