Best album artwork 2018




nice little one-two, here. afro-latin soul parts 1 and 2 by mulatu astatke. reminds me of bridget riley which is aaaaaalways a good thing <3


Kind of surprised no one’s put up Lets Eat Grandma - I’m All Ears yet. It feels incredibly representative.


really like the art for this compilation


its a bit :man_shrugging:


this is quite bad


Low - Double Negative


ooft yeah saw that the other day and i love it


The album is exceptionally good too.


Who is this?


Salad Boys - This Is Glue. Kiwi band. Really good summery/fuzzy/jangly lo-fi garage album


:smiley: fair, i really like it but actually not sure it looks as good out of context from the music (which is great)