Best album artwork 2018



what the fucking hell is this mess


It’s Tim Hecker’s latest album art

At first glance it looks like it’s been photoshopped, but I think it’s actually a fire breathing synthesizer. As in - you can see the oxyacetylene fuel line, and they’ve used the casing of one of the (I’m guessing) synths that he uses. So rather than photoshop or create artificially, they’ve actually made a fire breathing synth sculpture.

I’m forwarding it for the idea, rather than the image - if that makes sense?

Well, I like the image as well tbh




Nah I like the concept but the picture itself is an absolute state. Belongs in the other thread I think. I hate it to the extent it would put me off buying the lp on vinyl (I still will though, obviously, because it sounds amazing).


it’s a disaster. if they actually built it then why didn’t they get a photographer who knows what depth of field is? christ


I’m glad you put this here! I love it - a sort of orderly chaos that you can peer into for ages trying to catch some elusive meaning. Or perhaps it’s obvious and I’m just dumb! I can see why it’d be aggravating though!






If only for the effort that went into it;


yeah this should be quite boring but there’s something about the yellow border and font that i like


sorry guys i really like this Daphne and Celeste 7" cover

haven’t listened to it obv


Reminds me of Nier Automata.


Just had to Google what that is. It’s got a bit of a Studio Ghibli feel to it for me


This is great!


No idea about the music but saw this Moonface album cover on Pitchfork and went ooh


Nice. Didn’t realise it was out so soon. Spencer is a GBOL
I also like the novelty of preordering the LP:
All pre-orders will ship with a postcard included, on which you can compose a question you might have for Spencer Krug. Just fill out the “Question” side of the card, seal it in the enclosed envelope (we’ve included postage) and drop it back in the mail. Spencer will respond to your question and mail the postcard back to you in December. Just make sure you’ve mailed your question back by Friday, Nov 30th.