Best album artwork 2018


love this album but the artwork is in the wrong thread.




I was on the fence about it but the contents have swayed me to this side


Not entirely sure whether the new author and punisher belongs in best or worst but I’d just like to point out mainly that pitchfork have had it up with the wrong name now all day


Relapse in concentration


This is too early right considering it now comes out in Feb 2019?? (was due this month so that’s my lame excuse why i think it should) :crazy_face:


Can you jag artwork? Not that this is a jag because I’m completely impartial to all of this “Disintegration State” nonsense obviously.


into this new factory floor artwork


Wat?! No


I’m seeing a smiley face looming over a cityscape with weird and incongruous tendrils of smoke coming from it and the smiley face seems like it’s been badly photoshopped into the cityscape and it doesn’t really belong in that picture.

What are you seeing?


A work of art


JOYFULTALK - Plurality Trip