Best album artwork 2018


Could have done without the censor strips. If the Hotelier can have pics of full frontal old people then so can you Malkmus.


Reminds me of Bowie Heroes.


yeah that feels deliberate for me. it’s ok, just feels a bit contrived to me. obvs a spin on a classic, just not a very exciting one


I did get the feeling it was deliberate myself.


that template for ‘old 70’s books and vinyl covers’ is getting a workout this year innit?


this is lovely



Soap and Skin




I have no idea what that record is but I want it


Well that was an awesome way for me to discover Hotel Neon have a new album out :slightly_smiling_face:


Strong Dookie from Vince Staples



:heart_eyes: what’s this from?


Ian William Craig - Thresholder


Daughters - You Won’t Get What You Want


Looks like a Viz annual.

Vince Staples ‘The Big Pink Stiff One’


Dead Can Dance - Dionysus


I like DcD and I like the album but I hate that cover. Can’t quite put my finger on why it makes feel slightly queasy.


Definitely feels like a divider. I immediately liked it. The colours look great.