Best album from Jezebel's 'The 150 Worst Albums Made By Men' list?

Only one rule: You cant say Kid A.

this is probably between Tool Ænima and Chief Keef _Finally Rich_ for me.

Reckon there will be plenty of The National and ur man Bon Iver picks on here.

I like the list idea, don’t like some of the inclusions, even if the top spots are probably good choices.


Tool, Skinny Puppy, Slint, and Rapeman.

lists are bad and sadly they seem to be one of the only ways to get people talking about music/art.

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yea i think ive settled on this list being about 95% correct.

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Even some albums that I kinda have a soft spot for for nostalgia reasons (311, Savage Garden) def belong on this list. No reason to go to bat for those, just kinda have to go:


arcade fire…

made by men

its weird, cause most of these are definitely terrible, but theres just a couple that are definitely great (spiderland/ boxer/ kid a etc). probably just baiting for comments/shares, in which case fair play


ha didnt even notice Philly’s Most Wanted, Get Down or Lay Down on my first couple looks through the list, that may be the most random choice on here.

These would probably be in my top 100 of all time

-79. Radiohead, Kid A

-60. Sufjan Stevens, Illinois
-113. Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago
-128. Slint, Spiderland
-149. Skinny Puppy, Too Dark Park

List does a good job generally of hitting on stinkers though, so shrug

Slint, Spiderland my favourite on there.

And Black Eyed Peas were better before Fergie joined.

Remember, this list is a parody. In this case, probably of the fact that NPR put Mick Fleetwood’s and John Mac’s Fleetwood Mac at number 16 of the best women’s albums list


There are some hilarious albums on that list tbh tbf tbs.

That said, can I use this thread to again repeat my belief that Chinese Democracy is actually a lost rock masterpiece…

I kinda like it too

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they’ve put Placebo’s debut at 31? Also noticed Black Eyed Peas in there…

what a crock of shit

They’ve dropped a bollock with Pat Boone

Enjoyed this list. I like quite a few of those albums, obviously. Was expecting to see Andrew WK on there, they must have forgotten about him

:smiley: Sgt. Pepper should get the effect they’re looking for if nothing else.

Also fair fuck for Boxer, easily the worst National.

The thing I found the most surprising from this list was learning there was a second Methods of Mayhem album. :confused:

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Had I not grown up with Placebo and Korn’s first album’s I’d probably think they were a bit embarrassing as it stands I unironically adore them both

Aside from that

The Strokes
and Radiohead