Best album from Jezebel's 'The 150 Worst Albums Made By Men' list?

Not sure this list was posted to inspire debate or to challenge perceptions. It was posted to rile, so that people would reply outraged, so that their readership could post stock photos of women sat under waterfalls/drinking from mugs with references to bathing/drinking male tears.

In that respect it’s going to be a spectacular success. It will piss off the right people, alright, but a LOT of genuinely beautiful stuff is getting caught in the crossfire. Very, very depressing.



you’re thinking of Trouble Will Find Me

(or one of the early ones i’ve never listened to)


TWFM has Demons, Don’t Swallow the Cap, Graceless and Humiliation. Boxer has Slow Show and Apartment Story. Advantage former.

none of those are as good as Mistaken For Strangers


Two Nuns and a Pack Mule is probably my favourite Steve Albini album.

Would love to know what criteria made these the worst - there are a lot of my favourites on here and it feels a bit like those people who burned Marvin Gaye records on those disco bonfires.

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It’s just bait to irk folk by dropping some good albums into a list of offensive and rubbish shite innit


I own 9 of these.

How could they?! How could they put Hoobastank on there?! I jest. Tool, Placebo, and Slint for me.

don’t worry, this list has absolutely no real impact on your “genuinely beautiful stuff” at all, it’s just to wind people up on the internet.

That’s an impressively terrible list of music. Not going to assume any of it is on there as a joke either; I expect the woke lads on some other forum are probably saying the same stuff about that Linkin Park and Jay-Z atrocity that we are about Illinoise.

Couldn’t be arsed to read it but I assume it’s a bit piss weak as satire goes

Couldve done a quick scan and picked an album in the time it took you to write this.

808s and Heartbreaks, for me, naturally. Still think it’s great. Took another look at this list, and apart from the odd bit of trolling, it’s a pretty amazing list of terrible albums.

But then how would I have been all wanky and superior about it?

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you were just mad you couldnt say Kid A, admit it.

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Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

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I realise many of you think it’s fucking shit but I’ve got a soft spot for Get Born by Jet

placebo’s s/t album is great! but this is an excellent idea

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