Best album (s) you’ve discovered this year NOT released this year - 2018 Edition

In a Silent Way is a unique album imo and I also heard it for the first time this year. Can comfortably say it is one of my favourite albums of all time


Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk, thanks to the thread on here.
Also been listening to lots of REM cos of the REM thread, no specific album just general REM love
Hejira - Joni Mitchell
Also really been enjoying late period Dylan recently, even that triple album of covers, inessential but wonderful. Definitely going to whack on his Christmas album at some point soon too

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Shooting up The Church’s discography right up my veins after hearing Starfish and Heyday. Good mix of jangle p op and alternative.

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Great album

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Dvne - Asheran.

It came out last year but I love it so much I’m tempted to have it was my AOTY.

It’s a mix of Neurosis and Tool. Kinda. But it’s catchy and crushing enough to be it’s own thing.
Oh and it’s a sci-fi concept album. :smiley:

The last track, Scion is a beast.


Been going in on this this year! Massacre!

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I play it to my daughter in the bath, she shows no interest in it whatsoever but I like it, so that’s the main thing.

Mick Turner is my favourite guitarist, bar none. Moth is indeed excellent; hasn’t really got a weak album amongst all his releases.

Nights Out by Metronomy. No idea why I had a major blind spot for them, but this was the first album of theirs I’d got, and it’s great. That first 3 song run is as strong as anything else I’ve heard this year.

I’ve always loved it for long car journeys- the obvious theme of the whole thing is travel of course and it’s just the perfect level of absorbing for driving.

Speaking of daughters, had I had a second one she was going to be named Amelia after the song on Hejira (possibly the most perfect song ever written). Naming children after songs is easier when you have girls, but luckily Frederick (by Patti Smith) is a great song and a great name.


Triffids - Born Sandy Devotional


Re: children named after songs. I always fancied naming mine Henry, Joe, and Christina after the songs at the start of Henry’s Dream. Got as far as firstborn being Henry but my wife vetoed my cunning plan on the next two.


Daughters - S/T

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Brian Eno & John Cale - Wrong Way Up

I’ve no idea how this passed me by for nigh-on twenty years, but I finally heard and bought it last spring. It’s utterly gorgeous, of course.

Chrome is a great record but imho the previous album Ferment is even better. I first heard them due to Rob Newman using the intro to I Want To Touch You as his walk on music around 1994ish and thinking what is that excellent tune?!

What an album! I like to think that maybe I was partially instrumental in spreading the love for it! :wink:


Yes, you must!

Meant to say *only one of theirs I’ve not heard.

It’s on my list don’t worry!

The title track is an absolute unit, in awe of the size of the lad

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I recently, finally fell head over heels for Any Other City by Life Without Buildings