Best album (s) you’ve discovered this year NOT released this year - 2018 Edition



Sciencing - Millionaire (Would of been in my top 10 of 2017 for sure - Bloodshot on this is better than all of the last QOTSA album imo)

The Bells - Nils Frahm

Fake Sugar - Beth Ditto

Medication EP/Waiting For The World To Turn - Palace Winter

Nihil - KMFDM

The Road, Pt 1 - Unkle

Hallucinogen EP - Kalela

Transmission - Death In Vegas

Sexwitch - SEXWITCH (Natasha Khan and Toy go mad on wax)

50 Words for Snow - Kate Bush (Finally had a physical reason/excuse this year to listen to it - yey snow!!)

The Knot/Civilian - Wye Oak (This band can do no wrong)

The Curtain Hits The Cast/Drums and Guns - Low (slowcore speed making my through their back catalogue - lovely stuff)

The Brothel/The Silicone Veil - Susanne Sundfør (Think she is one of the greatest female artists of the last 10 years, with an extraordinary voice)

The Mountain Will Fall - DJ Shadow

Mer de Noms - A Perfect Circle

Atomic - Mogwai

Darlene Shrugg - Darlene Shrugg (Kicks Arse!)

Howl/Night Melody EP - Rival Consoles (Johannesburg off Night Melody gives Mr Hopkins a run for his money)

Sunbather - Deafheaven (totally in love with this band now)

Vespertine - Björk (absolutely stunning)

Integrity Blues - Jimmy Eat World

Furnace Room Lullaby/Blacklisted/Fox Confessor Brings The Flood/Middle Cyclone/The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You - Neko Case (She’s been on my back log for years - did not disappoint)

Pretty Hate Machine/Broken EP - NIN

Elastica - Elastica (more punkish and Rawkus for the time than I was led to believe - in no way what I would class as Britpop)

True Love - Charlotte Hatherley (melancholic Synth pop loveliness - what M83 should of done instead of Junk)

Highly Deadly Black Tarantula - Teeth of the Sea

The Shepherds Dog - Iron & Wine

Ex Eye - EX EYE (would of been in my 2017 top 20 to be sure)

Patriots Day Soundtrack/The Vietnam War Soundtrack - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Volume 8: The Threat is Real - Anthrax

Welcome EP/Meat EP - Idles (interesting to hear their earlier work, especially on the Welcome EP where they sound like The Maccabees, or what I’ve heard of them)

Strangler Days - Middle Class Rut

Malibu - Anderson.Paak

Contact Note - Jon Hopkins

Uncontrollable - Miserable

Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters/No One Can Ever No/Nobody Wants To Be Here and No One Wants To Leave - The Twilight Sad (bit more mainstream than I expected - Scottish Editors?? - but have enjoyed listening to them)

Nola - Down

Los Angeles - Rosalía

Almost Holy Soundtrack - Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross, The Haxan Cloak

Guilty of Love - Unloved

Sorry, I included EP’s :slightly_frowning_face:


I will always argue that Elastica is the one truly great album to come out of the Britpop era.


Maybe - that and Six by Mansun :blush:


I had no idea she had an album called that :joy:


It’s a great album, too! Some real Pixies vibes. Hearing it kind of ruined Be the Cowboy for me, because it makes that recent album sound like a step too far away from a great sound.


The first 2 Bauhaus albums (In The Flat Fields, Mask)

Brilliant, much more noisy, aggressive and experimental than i thought they’d be. Surprised to hear they had more in common sonically with the likes of PIL, the birthday party, and killing joke etc than the ropey goth bands I’d mistakenly lumped them in with.


Brilliant albums, especially Mask. One thing Bauhaus had going for them is the quality of the musicians - especially the rhythm section. That marks them out from a lot of their imitators. The Sky’s Gone Out is really good too, and there a lot of non-album singles that are great (Terror Couple Kill Colonel is a particular favourite of mine).


Yeah they’ve got that thing where each member of the band is capable of taking the lead, being melodic, rhythmic, or abstract. They have an amorphous quality to them but in a good way.

The bonus tracks on ‘flat fields…’ reissue are brilliant, dark entries, terror couple, scope… there’s an odd cockney rebel-esq piano ballad i really like too called ‘crowds’.

Yeah i’ll definitely be checking out those later albums.



Guess I haven’t been vocal enough.


Dark Entries is brilliant, peak Bauhaus in their feral phase.

I wouldn’t normally recommend live albums but Press Eject and Give Me The Tape is also well worth a listen - the 10 minute long version of Bela Lugosi in particular.


They wouldn’t sound out of place is released today.


Few suggestions here that I’m going to pick up on (Cleaners From Venus, the first Aldous Harding).

Not a lot for me, but:
Bryne/Eno - My Life in The Bush of Ghosts
Gang of Youths - Go Further in Lightness (albeit it was only last year)
Protomartyr - Relatives in Descent


Just listened to Repeater by Fugazi for the first time on Tuesday. Why did none of you meanies ever tell me about this?


So late to the Low party that this year’s stunning Double Negative is my entry point, but have since delved into the back catalogue with some helpful DISers’ guidance. Top of the pile so far is Ones and Sixes. Full of great songs.


Noir Désir - Des Visages Des Figures

I heard as a three-way cross between late Talk-Talk, Kid A and Godspeed!, which hits the spot pretty much perfectly for me. And it’s in French.


This sounds amazing.


Definitely need to check this out after that description.


image image image


I was a big Noir Desir fan a few years back, especially some of the earlier rockier stuff like 666.6667 Club. Obviously it all went sour in the end, but they made some really good records.


Girl Band – Holding Hands With Jamie.

Exactly my sort of thing. Great.