Best album (s) you’ve discovered this year NOT released this year - 2018 Edition



I’m going to assume you don’t know the history of this band so please don’t take this post as a criticism at all.

Respectfully I’d recommend anyone considering checking this band out to do a quick Google. The band was massive in France but no reason for anyone outside France to have this knowledge.

No need here to get into the whole art/artist debate but I need to give a heads-up on this.


Oh :cry:


Oh :open_mouth:


It would be hard to say I “discovered” them but after over 40 years on this earth I finally listened to both Joy Division albums all the way through.
Also The Midnight Organ Fight
and Fret - very happy that Mick Harris has returned to music, just missed it happening last year
Oh and Self Defense Family and Drug Church and Daughters thanks to this place


Self Defense Family - Try Me / Heaven Is Earth
The Fall - Dragnet / Grotesque / Perverted By Language / Bend Sinister / Extricate
Rocket From the Crypt - Circa: Now! / Hot Charity
R.E.M. - Chronic Town / Murmur / Reckoning / FOTR / LRP
The Afghan Whigs - Congregation / Gentlemen
Unwound - Fake Train / New Plastic Ideas / The Future of What / Repetition / LTIY


What are you making of Gentlemen?

I love that record. Whigs at the Astoria was one of my first gigs.



Congregation/gentlemen/black love is a hell of a trilogy. Think ‘congregation’ is my fave though. ‘1965’ ain’t a bad record either. Sadly, i haven’t seen them live yet.


Very true. I need to dig out Congregation again and spend some time with it. Do you like In Spades?

Well worth seeing live, if you can. Always impressed. Dulli was in great form at Koko last year.


Big Thief - Masterpiece : everything I wrote about this album made me run away. It’s actually very good…


You’ve had a great year. Some fabulous records on that list.


To be honest I’ve never listened to it. Thought ‘Do The Beast’ was half a very good album and half a bit meh though.

I know they’re not young men anymore and dulli is still an a really good songwriter but i really miss that vicous guitar and full throated vocal delivery, both of which seem a bit blunted nowadays.


It’s absolutely stunning! Congregation is just as good. Can’t pick a fault with either. Honestly don’t think there’s another band, past or present, that can create that kind of atmosphere/mood. They’re in a league of their own… I’m open to recommends if there’s any others out there though?

Edit - love In Spades also and massive fan of The Gutter Twins


I agree with you 100%, they’re easily a top 5 band for me. I’ve never found anything else that even approaches what they do, and I’d imagine that if someone tried it would sound very forced or put on. Have you tried their first album Up In It yet? It tends to get overlooked but it’s great and his screaming on it is something else.

Also, have you tried his other band The Twilight Singers yet? They’re also incredible, and after the first album in many ways a logical progression of the Afghan Whigs.


Black Love is the greatest album ever made and I will fight* anyone who disagrees

*make empty threats on an internet messageboard to


Are all you Whigs fans aware of Some incredible live recordings on there. I will dig out some favourites when I’m off the bus.


Oh yeah, it’s a masterpiece. I think the thing I miss most about oppressively hot and humid summers is driving with that album on.

What a song:


I had no idea this existed, thank you. I saw him once I think in 2006 with The Twilight Singers and he blew me away, I couldn’t believe how strong his voice was live.


Black Love is their masterpiece. People will try and tell you it’s Gentlemen, and they mean well, but they’re wrong.


Still not on Deezer and hadn’t thought to look elsewhere… cos I’m super smart.

Just realised it was your best of that gave me the push to check out Gentlemen and Congregation - cheers. I’ve had a cursory listened to Twilight Singers, off the back of a thread on here (your suggestion too no doubt), but think I got distracted and forgot to go back to it. Need to go back to it and check out Up In It and Black Love too


I’m glad you’re liking them, it was such a great experience discovering them. Black Love is seriously a masterpiece, if you’re liking Congregation and Gentlemen that’s where I’d go next.

The Twilight Singers albums can be very different from each other but all are excellent.

  • The first one, Twilight as Played By the Twilight Singers, is the most unique and feels like an experimental collaboration - multiple singers, some electronics, a song based on dialogue over a loop, etc. It is brutally sad and amazing, some moments on it are the most intense he’s ever done.
  • Blackberry Belle, feels more like where The Afghan Whigs would have gone next. Lots of pretty, catchy, dark melodies.
  • She Loves You, is an excellent covers record.
  • Powder Burns doesn’t seem to get mentioned a lot, but it’s kind of a masterpiece. If you like In Spades, I think you’ll love this. One of the songs even shares the same piano music as Demon in Profile.
  • Dynamite Steps is harder to describe. Maybe it’s the most dramatic one? It’s also very good.

You really can’t go wrong though. They were quietly one of the top few bands of the past decade.