Best album (s) you’ve discovered this year NOT released this year - 2018 Edition



It was twilight as played by… I listened to. Thanks for the breakdown. I’ll more than likely listen in chronological order as is (my) tradition


as promised, some of my favourites off allbootsdulli. These were radio broadcasts rather than illicit taping so the sound quality is decent on all of them

A radio session from 1998

Stockholm 1996 - features a bit of Housequake and eleven minutes worth of Turn On The Water turning into Gimme Shelter

Malmo 1999 - Papa Was A Rolling Stone! Faded AND Omerta - The Vampire Lanois in one set!

and there’s also this, which was a four track promo CD from 1997. Properly amazing, but also frustrating in that you know their label must be sitting on the whole concert and have never released it. Maybe on the 1965 annniversary reissue…


Forgot some obvious ones.

Fugazi - The Argument
Underground Lovers - Leaves Me Blind
Self Defense Family - Heaven Is Earth - I’d heard this once or twice before and completely forgot about it, so more of a rediscovery I guess.
Self Defense Family - Indoor Wind Chimes b/w Cottaging
Boris - Feedbacker


Ah, you’ve moved on to some of the earlier Underground Lovers albums. Good man.

Leaves Me Blind is brilliant, especially if you can imagine it’s 1991 and stil in the early years of shoegaze (though lots of people have expressed surprise when I’ve described them as shoegaze).

Dream It Down is the obvious next step, though that one features much more electronica.


Midlake - The Courage of Others
Love Tim Smith Midlake and this one didn’t grab me first time round. Maybe its the weather or change of seasons, but it’s really hit home on the revisit

Phoebe Bridgers - Stranger in the Alps
Heard Smoke Signals at the end of some TV Series, and fell in love with this album soon after

Kakkamaddafakka - Hus
Kinda have a soft spot for Scandie bands (MEW, Kent, Mary Onettes etc), so these popped up on my Spotify recommends once upon a time, and their catchy pop quriks are a tonic on a dreary commute - either going or coming from work. Great tuneage


Yeah, it finally showed up on Spotify and I jumped on it, I really liked it right away. Dream It Down is definitely going to be up next. They’ve been one of my favorite discoveries of the past couple years.



Got heavily, heavily into Tomorrow’s Harvest this year. Wasn’t a huge fan when it came out but for some reason something clicked. Can’t even remember what made me go out of my way to put it on.

Not even a massive BoC fan, I like them ok but not to the obsessive level that some people get. Just sounds so dystopian to me, I love it. If it was released this year it would be my album of the year no doubt.


FINALLY I dived into some Cocteau Twins (Treasure/Blue Bell Knoll/Heaven or Las Vegas). I’m a massive Beach House fan and so right up my straße. Think BBK is my favourite.

Also got loads of early R.E.M. too (all records up to Green). Fuck me what a band. The IRS stuff is incredible (as the threads on here are testament).

Oh also rediscovered a load of Prince I’d not listened to for years. Fresh ears give his stuff new perspective…almost like hearing for the first time. My 9 year old son loves him so been rinsing the early stuff at home. Hadn’t realised just quite how much of a jam “Controversy” is.


Welcome to this most excellent of clubs. Discovered them a few years ago. Might be my best discovery of all time. May I suggest Head Over Heels next


Yep…will certainly do…have been putting off getting more as want to enjoy these three and not speed myself too thinly if you know what I mean!


One of my all time favourite bands. I endorse @mouth_breather’s recommendation of Head Over Heels - I love the early records when they were still a little bit dark and gothy. Head Over Heels, Treasure and the eps from that period (Sunburst and Snowblind, Pearly Dewdrops Drop, Aikea-Guinea) are some of my favourite ever records.


Will check out the early stuff thank you. Out of the three I’ve listened to so far, Heaven or Las Vegas is probably my least favourite (still very good mind) but seems to be the most critically
lauded. A bit too…polished maybe?


Couldn’t agree more. The darker stuff does it for me most. Head Over Heels is the perfect balance between gothic post-punk (Garlands) and ethereal WTFness (Treasure/HOL). Gritty godliness


Don’t think I’ll ever have another discovery like them again… any recommendations to the contrary are very welcome though. That first hit of Liz Fraser’s vocals on Pearly-dewdrops’ Drops (just had to Google all that punctuation) is like the first time you take a class A… shivers up the spine every time!


I loved them at the time and ever since, so that’s (ahem) 30 odd years (!). Unlike a lot of bands I loved when I was a teenager I still get periodic, irresistible urges to listen to them. I often listen to the singles compilation Lullabies to Violaine, especially the first disc which is some of my favourite ever music - so many great songs but my absolute favourite is probably Aikea-Guinea.

Treasure was always my favourite of their albums, but listening to them intensively again recently (having bought the vinyl remasters) I think Head Over Heels is now my marginal favourite.

I always rather wrote off the later records as a bit MOR, but Heaven or Las Vegas is a wonderful album.


Aye their definitely a mega binge listen… if your in the mood that’s all you’ll listen to for a month straight. Love Treasure so much too (2nd fave) Heaven Or Las Vegas is just ever slightly below it. First I listened to was Stars and Topsoil which is probably why Pearly is my ultimate fave… Anyone reading this who haven’t heard them yet welcome to your new favourite band of the 80s (possibly of all time)… just jaw droppingly amazing




Oh yeah each album needs at least a month of continuous listening until you move on. Again, what a band


Forgot to cover the EPs (aside from Pearly). Not sure there’s any other band with EPs of that quality