Best album(s) you’ve discovered this year NOT released this year - 2022 Edition

Enjoyed this thread last year and surprised there hasn’t been one for 2022 yet so here we go.

What great things have you discovered this year?

A close run thing but I was late to the part with HEY WHAT and it is in danger of hitting my all timer list


These Arms Are Snakes - Tail Swallower and Dove

Like Easter last year, the first few listens felt like a massive disappointment and then it all of a sudden clicked and I can’t stop listening to it.

Love the way this one locks into that repetitive section

What a way to go out


Oceansize - Frames

Again, like Effloresce, an album I’d always hoped existed but was completely unaware of. Love how stormy and proggy it is.

Love how Trail of Fire eventually blasts off at the end

Just a brutal, pummeling off-kilter riff


Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today (1989)
Most recent one for me I first listened to Tuesday on my way to work. It’s crazy how long it took me to get around to this, having been into punk since the early 90s. I was even a fan of Quicksand, which features GB guitarist Walter Schreifels, and while I don’t remember when I first discovered them, I still don’t think that promoted me to check out GB (if I even knew the connection). Still, I’ve been aware of Gorilla Biscuits for quite a while, but a number of factors kept me away I guess. I never explored the NYHC scene all that much, and frankly, I thought their name was stupid.

So fast forward to this week when I put this album on while driving to work. Right off the bat, the horns at the beginning of the opening track remind me of Suicidal Tendencies’ “Get Whacked” from Lights, Camera, Revolution (1990), which is kind of funny, as the whole thing seems very inspired by ST’s 1983 debut, an album I have loved since discovered it in the early 90s. I don’t mean that in a bad way (although Start Today did come out 6 whole years later), as it means I connected with this immediately. I have to wonder if Suicidal Tendencies intentionally put that horn bit on their next album following Start Today as a bit of a “we see what you did there” or something. No doubt I’ll be playing this a lot going forward.


Probably this. Kinda like a Brazilian Makaya McCraven. Really really good.

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Think the first FEWS album is even better, got it for a steal from 365games and it’s pretty grand - 100 Goosebumps is a huge track

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Definitely listened to it when it came out but didn’t make any impact - the post-Yuck project by Daniel Blumberg

Bought the album for dirt cheap yesterday and on a first (re)spin, damn it’s pretty gorgeous. Long meandering hazy guitar jams, 6 songs lasting 45 mins, really pretty blissful stuff - bedroom indie pop stretched out and layered up. The strings at the end of Viral are just swoonsome

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Been itching to get something from this into Music League. Unliving is one of the best songs of last decade.

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Haven’t listened to that for a while, love it though! They were decent live too

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Think the main weakness is just the beats, you can tell they were played by a non-drummer. Obviously works for what he wanted and let him control how the whole project sounded, and it’s meant to be a guitar focused album, but do wish he’d got someone in to do more engaging drums

Makes me think of the DCFC songs on We Have the Facts, where you can really hear which ones Ben drums on as they just drag that bit more

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I got straight onto it after I discovered Into Red, but wasn’t all that impressed with it. Possibly/probably because I was wanting more of Into Red, and the debut is quite different? I should give it another go, though.

NoMeansNo - Sex Mad
Last summer, I listened to their album Wrong for possibly the first time. The band had been on my radar for some time, and it’s possible I heard some in the mid 90s, but can’t be sure. Having a look at their discography, the title of the album with Jello Biafra, The Sky Is Falling and I Want My Mommy, sounded super, super familiar like something I used to say a lot jokingly in the 90s so I must have been aware of it. I was listening to Dead Kennedys and Lard, after all. I did listen to it in the last week or so and can’t say it was all that familiar. Anyway back to Sex Mad. It’s a blast…sounds like a mix of Black Flag and Minutemen really, but very prog rock influenced (Brutal Prog I suppose, black midi fans would enjoy). The next album Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed is also very enjoyable.


Easter by Patti Smith has been a revelation. She finally clicked for me this year. Glorious stuff.


I’m still to get there with Patti Smith so I’m jealous. Ever get the feeling that someone is primed to be one of your favourite artists ever but you just can’t crack it? Threats where I’ve been with her for about 5 years.

Everyone’s mad about new releases but now that so many have shared their top 2022 albums, any interest in a top 5/10/etc. discoveries of the year?

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Think I’ll go for this at the moment. There are others of note I just haven’t gotten around to playing more than once.

  1. Broadcast - Tender Buttons (2005)
    This kicked off a listening streak that made Broadcast my most played artist of the year by a considerable margin.

  2. Cluster - Zuckerzeit (1974)
    I’ve been enjoying Sowiesoso for a few years already but finally got around to this one. On the same level, very good and got a lot of spins.

  3. Steve Summers - Generation Loss (2021)
    This is just from last year but I didn’t know much about him until March. Really good minimal wave-inspired acid house from Jason Letkiewicz who goes by many other names, and happens to be a member of Mutant Beat Dance who I’ve enjoyed immensely the last 4 years.

  4. Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today (1989)
    Thoughts on this posted itt already.

  5. Rupa - Disco Jazz (1982)
    I forget when this first appeared on my radar, and I may have heard a track or two before this year. But I ran across a used copy at a local shop and as it seemed familiar and I’d been wanting to hear it, I picked it up. And it’s a great blend of disco, Indian pop, and progressive rock. Not jazz, which works well for me.

  6. Brainwaltzera - Marzipan EP (2016)
    I don’t think I ever heard of this artist before 2022, and if I did maybe I ignored it. But after seeing some mentions of his 2022 album ITSAME on here, I added it to my queue and heard a few songs throughout the year while shuffling that list. After hearing rumors that he might be Richard James, rumors I wasn’t ready to believe even without hearing much, I decided to start playing his back-catalogue from the start and see what I thought for myself. This appears to be his first EP from 2016 and I thought it was really good. I’ve now listened to all his EPs and LPs and find most of it really good, but it didn’t take long for me to form the opinion that it’s not RDJ. Obviously some saying it is are just having fun, but I thought it would be a fun exercise to listen to everything he’s done. And in the end, ITSAME ended up pretty high on my year-end list.

  7. Lungfish - The Unanimous Hour (1999)
    Since 2009 I’ve slowly been making my way through their albums – although this was only the 5th (at point I first played it). It sort of took me by surprise with its psych rock leanings compared to the more post-hardcore style of the others. It’s still P-HC, just more psych rock and I think it works really well on this.

  8. Moving Targets - Burning in Water (1986)
    This was a DiScovery, just don’t remember what thread. Could have been Music League? Don’t think so actually. Maybe the post-hardcore thread. Yeah that’s likely it. This Boston band sounds like they’re from Boston, reminding me of Volcano Suns but also a more accessible Hüsker Dü (not from Boston but sounds like they could be).


The death of Trish Keenan must be one of the biggest musical losses this century. Can only imagine what she could have produced these past 10 years.


1 Automatic — Signals
2 Fews — Into Red
3 Elastica — The Menace
4 Siouxsie & the Banshees — The Scream
5 Sister Wives — Gweler Ein Gofid (EP)