Best album (s) you've discovered this year NOT released this year


Yeah I heard they announced their new name as ‘Hot Sloppy Joe Boys’ at a concert as well! I like to pretend they’ve gone with the river god one because it’s actually ok. His other project is called Ricky Eat Acid which is also kinda shit.


@Jahspear and @incandenza this is really exceptional. Thanks for the introduction and thanks @WizardLizard for mentioning Chris Cohen in the thread. Will be checking out As If Apart next


:slight_smile: happy to help. it’s a wonderful record. feels like it should be better known, really.


really like that first Magazine album

oh and got well into Temple of the Dog


Thanks! Yeah, I’m interested in going further with their stuff, they were one of my favorite discoveries of the year. “Frittering” especially, and the way that chorus explodes on “Trickle Down” on Boces.


Yerself Is Steam, Boces and See You On The Other Side are three excellent albums. ‘Chasing A Bee’ is up there with one of my favourite songs ever. Those guitar noises!


Oh yeah, “Chasing a Bee” is fantastic. When I heard that chorus kick in for the first time I knew I had been missing out on a great band for the past two or so decades. I still haven’t heard See You On the Other Side yet, I’ll move onto that next.


Had never heard of this lot, but my daughter put one of their songs on a playlist.
Was a bit shocked tbh.
The tune was decent.


Patrick Cowley - School Daze

Always been a fan of the big Disco hits (Menergy has one of the best intros ever) and in the wake of the ‘Afternooners’ compilation that came out this year I’ve been working my way through his back catalogue of Gay Porn soundtracks and so on

School Daze - a compilation released in 2013 - is my favourite so far. A really nice mix between Japanese, German, Italian & US synth textures of the late 70s/early 80s - partly in the disco, partly in TV theme-land, partly in a neon sex-shop VHS aesthetic, partly in ambient/electronic Krautrock/Kosmische and therefore very proto-techno throughout

great stuff, here’s Nightcrawler from said compilation if you’re curious


Totally agree. His best work. Very diverse artist.
Reminds me a lot of Arthur Russell or Kerry Leimer, aesthetic wise.


it’s an absolutely phenomenal record. If it had come out this year it would be on so many AOTY lists

extraordinary work


Sprained Ankle by Julien Baker. Can’t believe I missed this when it came out, and subsequently missed the gigs at the Bush Hall and Union Chapel this year. Why did no one tell me it was this good? Holding off listening to the new one at the moment as I’m really happy with my fill of the old one for now. See she’s back in March supporting Belle & Sebastian. Really hope that any headline shows she announces aren’t at a crappy venue (like Shepherds Bush Empire).


Hold On (Alabama Shakes)
My Love Is Cool (Wolf Alice)
Farewell Starlight (Francis and the lights)


Early Throwing Muses. Seems baffling they don’t get more love.



I’ve really liked ode to quezalcotl by Dave Rixby. It’s a really sad man who’s talking about finding God. Ive not listened to much really this year


Fire of Love is da bomb


Long Fin Killie - Houdini

The first track I knew from the seminal Monsters, Robots and Bug Men compilation but had never investigated further. Stumbled across this on CD in a second hand place on Saturday for £2.50. It’s a 1995 release and knocks most things I’ve heard this year into a cocked hat (whatever that actually means).


discovered that a few months ago via the Mark E Smith appearance as that track was on a Fall spotify playlist, and then found out it’s Luke Sutherland who always pops up at Mogwai gigs. been meaning to listen to the full album but haven’t got round to it yet


Picked up a couple of CDs (old school) recently that DiS raved about at the time but which I didn’t get a chance to listen to…

They are both excellent tbh tbf :+1: