Best album (s) you've discovered this year NOT released this year


Letta Mbulu’s In the Music the Village Never Ends. Nomalizo has been a jam of mine for a while but never managed to get the actual album till it got repressed this year. Absolute perfection.


Can’t believe I forgot to list the one I’ve been listening to pretty much nonstop all year:

Trail of the Dead - Century of Self

Not sure why so many people seem to think so negatively about this one, it’s pretty great.


@Icarus-Smicarus @fellover those LFK albums (Houdini, Valentino, Amelia) are brilliant.

I kind of think of them in the same way I do The Ex - sharply intelligent, incredible inventive rhythm sections, vibrant production, clever dynamics - like, the way they build and release tension is very similar.

there’s a feeling of internal motion, intuitive manipulation of space between notes, intellectual vigour in perfect symbiosis with their instruments. overflowing with wit.

also, good use of violin, cello, etc. frictive. bristling.


Released last year, if it counts.

Tropic Harbour - Glowing Eyes. Best tune is Now I See - absolute obsession recently!


Just discovered these myself. Amazing!


Grizzly Bear - Shields

The new album was my entry into their work. This album is phenomenal, such brilliant and varied instrumentation and a really amazing mood created throughout, it really does sound so wintery and windswept. ‘Yet Again’ is a brilliant, brilliant song, what an outro:


Chaos is Me by Orchid



Yet Again is maybe their best song i reckon


what a great record/band


I’d put it a slight hair behind “Half Gate”. Shields is really good - I haven’t gotten into their earlier stuff yet, but those two songs are incredible.


The whole album is a build up to Half Gate and then the slight come down after. Belter… absolute belter of an album!


Oh Yellow House is the best album imo and Veckatimest is great too, go for it!


Already done. All great but Shields is the best in my opinion


I wisnae talking to you!


Arite pal :wink:


Oh you’re right so you weren’t. Just so happens that was one of my unknown faves of the year so I’m having my say ha


top 5 for me probably something like this:
Dj Telao (1)
last one is unlabeled: I.M.P. - Back in the Days


Eagle/Deer - Summer of Sepia (2011)

This was courtesy of one of @DustyNothing’s mixtapes, and it’s wonderful. It sounds like a woman alone in the desert struggling with her demons, with shades of early Cat Power, Siouxsie and Cross Record (one of my top records of last year). In places, it strays into almost ambient territory (hints of earlier William Tyler). It’s one of only a handful of albums I’ve listened to in the last five years that has no weak track, it has perfect sequencing and it feels very visual in the moods and atmospheres it conjures.


That’s a brilliant album! It was only last year or the start of this year that I first heard of it. Absolutely no memory of how I came across it though, but it’s interesting to see a low key release from 5-6 years ago start to gain a second wind.


Such a brilliant record. I think I found it on a Norman Records list. It had a small vinyl run over here last year or maybe 2015. Shame there has been no follow up although this would be very hard to beat.