Best album (s) you've discovered this year NOT released this year


This has had great reviews by all accounts… not sure how it slipped under the radar.


A fair few as ever but a recent one that springs to mind is Kona Triangle’s Sing A New Sapling Into Existence from 2009. Been absolutely loving it. Wonky sorta lo-fi trip hop with a healthy dose of BOC running through its veins.


Yeah, Doves were one of the surprises of the year for me. The Last Broadcast is pretty much perfect start to finish, and that ending sequence of Lost Souls is phenomenal; “Cedar Room” is really such a great song, “A House” too.


I haven’t got round to it yet, but the consensus seems to be that it is no Graceless Age


Discovering that album a bit late at the end of 2004 was one of the highlights of my whole time listening to music, and I still think there hasn’t been a better album released since. That ending sequence is unbelievable.


Only got this last week and can’t stop playing. For those who like a bit of modern folk. From 2015 - Stick in the wheel:


I can dig it. Is that driving?


Nah, bus wanker innit. From Oxford to London each day.

Free WiFi though so I can stream a lot (hence why so many new albums listened to)


which one?



yeah its absolutely terrific


C Duncan - The Midnight Sun (2016) … by far.


Will have to give this a spin


I bought it ages ago and hadn’t really given it proper focus. The odd song kept popping up on shuffle and this year I’ve given it the time it deserves. Proper joyous stuff.


Do Hollywood is just great fun


not that much actually
either Like Water for Chocolate by Common or Lullabies & Nightmares by Justin Walter





Didn’t listen to or follow music at all really between 2014 and halfway through this year (besides the Joanna newsom album, out of loyalty) just couldn’t really enjoy or concentrate on it because of some rubbish stuff, so only finding out about things released in that period now.

Julia Holter - Have You In My Wilderness
Is the main one. took a while, I had been listening to it on broken £3 headphones, but its really hit me now. Absolutely beautiful, makes me feel a bit sick.

Also Kraftwerk


forgot about
the Olimpia Splendid s/t from a couple of years ago

pretty special weird Finnish noise rock album


Sam Prekop - Who’s your new professor
Checked this out after Laetitia Sadier chose it in her bakers dozen feature on the Quietus. It’s got that Chicago post-rock jazz thing going on a’la Tortoise, but is much more concise and nice and poppy in places. His voice is really understated and soulful on this.

Destroyer- Poison Season
I didn’t get this at the time as I found it a bit cheesy musically. But since the release of ken I’ve gone back to it time and again, and it may even be my favourite Bejar release.