Best album (s) you've discovered this year NOT released this year


Joanna Newsom — Have One on Me
Best thing she has ever done. But also the hardest to get into to be fair so its understandable that its the last of her releases I got into.

Jenny Hval — Apocalypse, Girl
Jenny is fantastic one of the best musicians about everything is just so lyrically sharp and great. Cant belive she has past me by for so long.

Motion Sickness of Time Travel — Luminaries & Synastry
I advice this to everyone who likes ambient stuff. Have to say that I find her better then Grouper this one has been on constant repeat.

Hype Williams — One Nation
Fuzzy electronics quite like it.

Silver Jews - American Water
Right up my street


A lot of gems on this list…well played :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m really excited to keep going with them, it feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve found a band this great with such a large discography to go through. I kind of wish I had started at the beginning so I could have been caught completely off guard by Leaves, much like everyone else probably was back in 2001.


Leaves was the first one I listened to as well, I think that’s basically everyone’s experience after it was released. Though it is their best album it’s quite different from the rest so it’s cool to see how they got to that point (exact same with The Argument by Fugazi imo)


In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel

fuck me it’s good, it dips across tracks 8-10 but the quality of the best tracks… fuck me it makes me happy

Silent Earthling by Three Trapped Tigers

the sound design is incredible, the drumming is as nuts as I’d expect it to be from Adam and it really is a step up from their older stuff. glorious. fucking annoyed that i didn’t go see them touring it tho


this is such a banger


that TTT album is definitely the best thing they’ve done, they finally managed to meld completely mental musicality with CHOONS


Rush - Moving Pictures


i also particularly liked this from the DiS review

Calvert’s guitar is also given hefty backup from some almost comically chunky synth bass lines.


I put it on once and it didn’t grab me, didn’t think it was anywhere near as good as her album or the Ariel Pink one this year.

Should I try again?


Cavern of Anti-Matter - Void Beats/Invocation Trex

Which was a left over from last year, hammered this through much of January.

Modern Studies - Swell to Great

No idea how I found out about these guys but a gem of an album. Released in 2016 but re-released last month btw.

Stranger Things, Volume 1 & 2.

The discographies of… Spoon, Prince, John Prine, Pink Floyd, Shearwater, Rival Consoles, Stereolab, Pye Corner Audio, Ezra Furman, Tom Waits and R.E.M.

I really neglected Pink Floyd, never gave them any time until this year. The exhibition at V&A was the starting point for this listening. More of a rediscovery… as I’ve always listen to R.E.M. but never really loved them, something clicked big time this year. The world needs Michael Stipe making records again!


The second spotlight kid lp (ten thousand hours) is great too. That’s a strong list for one year!


Probably the whole of Disco Inferno’s back catalogue, but special shout out to The 5 EPs. Incredible stuff.


I’ll definitely check that out, for some reason I had assumed they only had one album. Yeah, I think this place has spoiled me, I thought I hadn’t been seeking out enough old stuff until I listed it all out.


That also reminds me that I’ve never really given Fugazi a real shot. Maybe that’ll be this winter’s task.


oh definitely do the both of them in tandem. They have quite different moods but a very similar approach and trajectory


No, you’re right in saying that it’s not as good as either projects most recent releases. It didn’t grab me much either but just thought it was an interesting pairing!


Such an incredible and overlooked album. All of their albums are fantastic, but there’s something really special about this one. It’s like all of the anger on Gentlemen got redirected into pure sadness.


Definitely. So many songs on there could just bring me to tears. Especially the last one, Jesus. I don’t know if it’s technically better than Blackberry Belle or Powder Burns, but there’s something special about it.


Yeah, that ending is brutal. The whole album feels like a gradual descent into a dark, horrible pit, and then the closest thing to an uplifting moment / relief is the resignation in the last song. I think I agree with you about Blackberry Belle and Powder Burns possibly being more solid throughout, but this one’s inimitable. Something subtle is going on throughout it that I can’t quite put into words, and I can’t find many (or any) albums that do the same thing. I think the closest I’ve ever found is the ending sequence of Burst Apart by The Antlers beginning at “Tiptoe” - it’s like the lights are turning off.