Best album (s) you've discovered this year NOT released this year


Now I’m trying to think of what my favorite Dulli closer is…too many good ones to choose.


Vacation Music Club - Vol.1

Martian Memo to God - So Go The Dreams of The Rough and Tumble


Yeah, it’s pretty much impossible, I’ve changed my mind four times since starting to write this post. He’s really one of the all time bests at closing albums.


YEAH he was great.


Recently been going back through The Microphones and Mount Eerie. I had given The Glow pt. 2 a few listens in my younger years, and never really liked it (still think it’s far from his best). Winds Poem, Clear Moon and Ocean Roar are all superb. No Flashlight was a fun listen too.


Joyce Manor - Cody

Really liked Never Hungover Again, but didn’t really bother with Cody until this year - wow, what a terrific little album. Ticks all the boxes for me and the songs sounded fucking brilliant when I saw them back in July. Great bunch o’lads.

Wild Throne - Harvester of Darkness

I knew about these dudes from their Blood Maker EP. This album though…only really got into it very recently, but it rules, hard. Imagine if Muse were good right, but played fast, loud and their riffs were actually great? Yeah? Some of it is hilariously over-the-top ridiculous shredding. In fact, all of it is ridiculous shredding, it’s hilarious, one of the funniest metal albums I’ve ever heard and that’s why I love it.

Great Cynics - I Feel Weird
Cracking punk rock record this, all the songs are absolute bangers and the guitar tone is so warm and fuzzy. Also, dual-vocal punk rock is always going to get a thumbs up, lovely, lovely stuff.


u wot m8

The Glow pt. 2 is brilliant; I think maybe you’re just expecting it to be something it’s not, rather than loving it for what it is?

it’s really… turbulent, turbid, visceral, livid. I always preferred It was hot…, but this one and Mount Eerie have really grown on me since.

lots of love for No Flashlight - criminally underrated by Pitchfork. and Wind’s Poem is a masterpiece.

Dawn is great, you heard that?


Listened to bits of Dawn, it was pretty good, need to give it another listen. I really like when he adds some of the more atmospheric black metal stuff in, so it’s not my go to type of record by him i suppose. I really love Sauna, it’s a great record.

The thing that annoys me about the glow pt 2 is the (over)production. There’s a lovely moment on ‘I want to be cold’ where he sings ‘I want to be buried in snow’ but then he shits in unnecessary piano. He does the same thing on ‘I felt my size’… just let the songs be the songs Phil! Still it’s a great record, just not my favourite of his. I realise that this criticism of the record may be slightly mental

Still to listen to Mount Eerie (album), might stick it on tomorrow morning :slight_smile:



The Peep Tempel. Great band. Unfortunately just split up.



hard to explain what it is about Dawn that I find so compelling. it just feels… more resonant than his other stripped-down work? hmm…

Sauna, I need to go back and listen to more. but I did like it.

totally get what you’re saying re: The Glow pt. 2. it’s pretty busy, and quite loud, really. the word “conflagration” springs to mind… there’s a lot of fire tearing through that album.

all those details feel necessary. all the different elements have character. I love the piano in that tune you mention - it’s a sound that reoccurs throughout the album, isn’t it, and for me, it feels like warm blood, or pinky red light on a winter’s night, something like that?


Some great Elverum chat here…I know it’s 2017 but what did you (@pinkybrain and @incandenza) make of A Crow Looked at Me?

To me it feels as if it’s created by a completely separate artist, even though there are plenty of Microphones/Mount Eerie tropes in there. I think it’s phenomenal, though


I’ve still not listened to a crow looked at me… not sure I want to from what I’ve heard?


dude. you must. don’t let it be something you pass up having not heard it.

I’ll post about it in a bit (in response to @wonton too), but until then, listen to this and try not being drawn in


Yeah, I think unless grief is a subject that you’re currently strongly adverse to thinking about in any way, then it will leave a mark on you like no other record (and that’s a positive thing, even if the subject matter clearly isn’t).


i guess it’s not directly right now but that doesn’t really make it any easier to listen to :wink:


It’s 100% not easy to listen to, but it can have a profound effect.


Temple of the Dog. Dismissed them due to being a “grunge supergroup” with involvement with him off Pearl Jam, but Hunger Strike did the rounds after Chris Cornell died and it really hit me as an amazing song / band.


Crikey, I’ve been meaning to post this exact same thread for a while now.

For me it’s XTC. I’m not sure how I managed to avoid listening to them for so long, but they’re fantastic. So much to discover in their music.

Skylarking would be mine, shortly followed by Black Sea.


listening to it now. yep, it’s really sad.