Best album (s) you've discovered this year NOT released this year


Hanging out with Mr Betts? Good work. How did that happen? Great to hear another record is on its way. Love Colossal Squid.

Not seen his Squarepusher work - just TTT, solo and Goldie. Worth checking out, right?


he’s mates with my cousin so have met him a few times

here’s the squarepusher thing - basically playing squarepusher stuff live but without marketing it as such, no doubt they could play bigger gigs if they did


Handy cousin!

That’s quite a band there. Imagine that’s got to be well worth seeing/hearing live. Thanks!


That’s a great track - it sounds like the record’s melting as it’s being played.

I’ve been addicted to Summer’s Last Sound for weeks. There’s something about the combination of those weird bird noises, the melancholy chord progression and the deadpan delivery of the lyrics that feels really relevant to the UK right now. “The gulls have come in off the coast/the smell of corpses pulls them in…”


The other main record not from this year I’ve been rinsing is Deathconsciousness by Have A Nice Life. Remarkable shoegaze, lo-fi, noise I-don’t-know-what-else thing.


The first three Electric Wizard albums - Electric Wizard, Come My Fanatics and Dopethrone.

How it took me so long to listen to these I don’t know, if I’d listened to them at any point in the last fifteen years I would have been just as enamoured with them then as now.

Also, in a sort of similar vein: Forest Of Equilibrium by Cathedral.

Edit: And Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version! I’ve owned Pentastar for 13, 14 years, yet never got around to listening to Earth 2 until a couple of months ago?!


off the top of my head:

Bent Knee - Shiny Eyed Babies


Discovering these two (obviously not this year but later than I should) was a massive deal for me too. Although I still think the 2-track Slint EP is the best thing they’ve done.

Was so disappointed when they played the shorter Tweez version of Rhoda when I saw them live.


I should’ve actually just posted all of the Hot Snakes albums but I reckon Suicide Invoice is my favourite of the three. I’ll need to check out that Slint EP.

Should’ve also mentioned all of the Grizzly Bear albums prior to Painted Ruins but again Shields is the standout for me.


Yeah. Actually I probably listen to Thunder Down Under most. Get that if you haven’t already.


I really, really can’t get on board with this opinion. The weakest thing they ever released.

Was really excited when I was given it this summer as part of the CD collection my friend was giving away. So let down when I heard it. Got two copies of The For Carnation’s S/T as well. Now that is a good album.


You already heard Mkwaju Ensemble yet? Band she was in at that time. They had two records that were equally as good as her other stuff.


Seeing that you’re into early Mercury Rev, I’d also recommend you give a listen to their “compilation” (actually, bunch of B-sides to Yerself is Steam) Lego My Ego:

After all, it has their best song during that era on it:

Also, not long after all those albums, they also did this project:


I’ll give it a spin today


XXX and Atrocity Exhibition are my favourite rap albums evererverver


Nice one!
Some of their members also had a side project recently which I quite liked:


Fantastic band but agree with them having probably one of the worst band names ever.


i had not. but i will now. thank you!


They’re changing it now to ‘King Salmon: River God’, though that may be a joke.


I heard they were called Dumpster now, but again could just be bants