Best albums of 2019 by an ‘established’ artist

Probably far from a consensus opinion, but Life Metal is by far and away my favourite Sunn O))) record.


The Chemical Brothers record is the best thing they’ve done for ages.




Big Thief
Josh Ritter
Jenny Hval

Came here to say both of these and I’ll throw in Richard Hawley and Elbow

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Pt1 is great, still not sure about pt2

Big Business
Both of the SunnO))) records

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Chemical Brothers
Andy Stott

All great returns

Trouble Books.


Of those not already mentioned Elbow’s latest is their best in a while.

Guy tends to do the personal a lot better than the political for me, so the songs about the passing of his dad and spending time with his son are the ones that resonated most.

EDIT - missed paleeyedbadger’s post. Oh well.


+1 for Cate Le Bon - I like all her albums but would definitely say Reward is a career high point.

Top thread btw.



Just thought of another one that should make the list: King Gizzard & the blah blah. Think this year’s was probably third best after mind fuzz and nonagon.

Thought laughing matter was last year for some reason, definitely agree

I should probably have caveated my original post more carefully. I actually really like all the albums I dismissed as substandard (apart from the bill callahan, which is the aural equivalent of the muesli my mrs has for breakfast). It’s just comparative to the artists other output. Give me a so-so oh sees above the vast majority of other music.

There’s some great songs on the Purple Mountains album, and Berman > almost anything else. But there’s just a few songs that don’t work for me, and the last few Silver Jews albums didn’t have any duds (I even liked Party Barge). I know it’s heartfelt and, given the circumstances it’s a bit insensitive to mention it, but that song about his mum is truly awful.


I didn’t think they’d ever put out an album as good as Double Figure again. Polymer is right up there.

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heh, it’s lovely to have him back, really enjoyed seeing him tour the album and it’s nice to see him get some glowing reviews but the album doesn’t do all that much for me either beyond being pleasant background music while i’m working.

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first Lightning Bolt album i’ve ever got round to listening to actually but pretty solid yeah

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yeah same. seeing them tomorrow night and i am excited