Best Albums of the 21st Century - Guardian list

the rap entries on stuff like this are always a bit weird. quite good that clipse and can ox made it but then there’s some real glaring omissions and why is speakerboxxx/tlb ranked so high


I remember reading a review in the NME accusing them of lacking tunes (hadn’t heard them at the time myself). I don’t remember Lamacq or Peel playing them either, and only ended up getting into them once I started reading Pitchfork in 2001/2.

She’d be wrong though

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Nice to see Jens get a mention :slight_smile:

It’s a Very Good Catchy Rock album

Surprised to see it so high but this is an awful take


Only just got round to looking at this. Back to Black as number 1? eh I mean it is a good album but, the best album of the century could have been made by Ronnie Spector basically.

One of the things that really got me about it is the piece that accompanies it ( claims that this album was unexpected because if memory serves that the press went absolutely HAM 3 months before it was released and a couple of people I know who had heard it said it was very good.

Odd time to do a list and all.

It doesn’t really satisfy anybody whether that be dickheads like us or people looking to discover new music. It is actually hard to see what the point of list hear apart from doing a couple of hundred posts on the DiS forum. Think there is only Salif Keita that I haven’t heard on that list.


I literally gave the defence, something has to win out of a poll of 45 music journalists.

Probably cuz it’s the most significant?

Not one, but TWO Vampire Weekend albums?!


There is no way two vampire weekend albums should be there and Kanye and Kendrick take 6 spots between them of the best albums of all albums in this century. But as one of the pollsters said, that’s what happens when you aggregate votes blah.

Anyway I’m loving the bug and cannibal ox being in here. Massive omissions for me are sophtware slump and midnight organ fight, would have hoped for some twilight sad but get why it’s not there. Also massive hole where autechre, demdike, actress and Andy stott should be. Far less awful than the film list though, eh??

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I know, crazy they left Contra off :frowning:


Agree that the general lack of electronic albums is baffling. It’s an incredibly narrow list.


I don’t think TWLITF is a bad shout at all for best Low album since 2000.


I will have one moan though, NO GRIZZLY BEAR?


Hate lists at the best of times but this is pretty bad.

No Fever Ray’s debut album?



Or deerhunter, surprisingly.

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easily the best one

No Jane doe or you fail me? Just one would do.

Looking at the list they all must have been quite a narrowly focused bunch of critics. Nice list of albums though

The Cold Vein should be top 5