Best Albums of The Year 2018 - Listageddon

Loud women

You are 100% going for Low, Sean. We all know it.


Of all the lists so far, this one probably matches my own the closest.

The Kanye one…

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Probably Wolf Alice again


Like that list - really strong, varied, top 4 and the right number 1!


Great album.

This list has been very pop heavy since I can remember, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard less songs on it. Possibly more to do with my lack of attention to pop music or mainstream radio this year than anything.

A pleasant surprise to see Lonnie Holly up there in the top 20 among the years hottest Radio 1 hits though.

I swear The 1975 were about as popular as Ed Sheeran in the music press until a few months ago, was I totally off the mark?

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There’s been a bit of a critical realignment between the last album and this. They already had their fans (e.g @sean and this website) but their mainstream popularity has shone through and depending how you see it, the likes of Pitchfork have either come around, or they’re riding on the coattails.

They gave the last album a 6.5, but I’m sure if it was reissued now it’d be an 8.5 already.

Feel like my brain has turned to goo when I read the write-ups and then actually listen to the 1975.

What the hell is going on? Beyond shite.


Same. I’m chalking it up to be me being too old now (but secretly chalking it up to everyone else being idiots).


This is a good one. Not necessarily based on me agreeing with it, but I have checked out the most records from this compared to any other list. How can you not be inspired by this:

“In a live setting, The Armed has been known to pack the stage with a small army of guitarists while a man in a ghillie suit and a selfie-obsessed woman calmly drink wine and eat mussels off a picnic table in the middle of the pit as madness ensues around them.”

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Low + Double Negative = 47

I’m no mathematician, but I’m not sure that’s the right answer.

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This Pitchfork list is really horrendous. I know they’re getting away from indie rock and that’s totally fine, but in a year with so much incredible, frenetic anxiety-based / zeitgeist-capturing punk-based albums, you can’t omit every single song from every single one of them and instead go with a standard Kurt “that’s just the way things is” Vile song as an obligatory “rock” pick.