Best Albums of The Year 2018 - Listageddon

This is a good one. Not necessarily based on me agreeing with it, but I have checked out the most records from this compared to any other list. How can you not be inspired by this:

“In a live setting, The Armed has been known to pack the stage with a small army of guitarists while a man in a ghillie suit and a selfie-obsessed woman calmly drink wine and eat mussels off a picnic table in the middle of the pit as madness ensues around them.”

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Low + Double Negative = 47

I’m no mathematician, but I’m not sure that’s the right answer.

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This Pitchfork list is really horrendous. I know they’re getting away from indie rock and that’s totally fine, but in a year with so much incredible, frenetic anxiety-based / zeitgeist-capturing punk-based albums, you can’t omit every single song from every single one of them and instead go with a standard Kurt “that’s just the way things is” Vile song as an obligatory “rock” pick.


BNM albums that didn’t make the list:

Saba (8.7)
Car Seat Headrest (8.6)
Tim Hecker (8.5)
Father John Misty (8.5)
Mount Eerie (8.5)
Jean Grae/Quelle Chris (8.4)
Jeff Tweedy (8.3)
Joey Purp (8.3)
The Carters (8.2)
Mudboy (8.2)

Yeah the exclusion of Saba, CSH and Jean Grae/Qulle Chris is criminal (I thought I saw Mudboy on there?)

Good pick with the no.1 choice though

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This is full of sooooo many albums that disappointed me this year.

My mistake, Mudboy is there

i assume a lot of people are leaving out Car Seat Headrest as they don’t regard it as a new album as such


Having seen that, you think they must have had a BIG role in booking for Primavera next year. Primavera is somehow more Pitchfork than Pitchfork fest is :joy:


Very on brand how they used the writeup of the Deafheaven album to shit over Billy Corgan for no reason.

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Of course, George Clarke’s tonsil-ripping growl remains several degrees more fearsome and ferocious than even Billy Corgan’s most anguished wails, but then, what do you think a raging rat in a cage is supposed to sound like?

Seriously, what does that even mean? It’s just word association.

So basically everything they have recommended this year :man_shrugging:

20 best of the year from the ever reliable @GoldFlakePaint

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AnyDecentMusic have their Poll Of Polls up and running:

Pretty song, but Innocence Mission have been writing tunes likes that for nearly 30 years. Unusual choice for the '#1 spot.