Best Albums of The Year 2018 - Listageddon


Absolutely refuse to believe that Richard Russell album is worth any kudos and most certainly not going to ever listen to it


I didn’t mind it particularly like Show Love. It isn’t a top album of the year though. Neither is Shame for me.


Yep. On my phone they’re not numbered either. Just a scroll down of albums.


I’m too old. Barely heard of any of these. That’s depressing.


oh my, that Mark Peters record is wonderful.
sounds like an instrumental Spiritualized record.


How can a best of be made before this Friday? Unconscionable.


I guess albums released in November 2018 , don’t count as 2018 albums.

Never put integrity before being first out.




@moderators Can we change the name of this thread so it covers all Album of the Year lists? … thanks


I changed it because I started one :man_facepalming:


Can we not merge the 2 threads


50 - 26 >> 25 - 1


As mentioned, can we merge the threads at all?



40 Best 2018 Metal albums from Decibel.


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Fuck yeah, I’ve not heard a single album in the Rough Trade list. It’s a perverse pride, I know. But it’s mine.


Agreed. Although I did try. Can’t understand why it’s at RT number 2.


@ma0sm , @1101010 etc can normally merge threads right?


Seems the Arctic Monkeys album has lost some heat in the 6 months since release, being conspicuously low down in or just absent from some lists. What’s the opposite of ‘a grower’? It’s true to say I don’t return to it as much as I thought I might, although I do love a lot of it.


There are only 4 good tracks on that album for me. I said earlier this year that there last album before this one hadn’t aged very well, this one seems to have the same problem. A few good tunes but a lot of filler that nobody realises until later on.