Best Albums of The Year 2018 - Listageddon


There’s only been two lists so far (not counting the Rough Trade one) and it’s No. 2 in one of them.


Oh yeah i hadn’t seen Mojo’s, only Uncut’s (surprisingly low down in that), Time magazine’s* (not present) and Rough Trade’s (not present).

Good to see Christine and the Queens is/are doing well.

*Who knew they did a poll?


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imagine being proud about not hearing Oh Sees!


a fascinating peak behind the curtain. good research for my eventual takeover bid


I think by this point surely everyone knows how Thee Oh Sees sound and whether or not they like them?


Piccadilly Records have declared:


Courtney Barnett above Low… it’s all subjective and that but… surely this is just wrong.


Bit of an odd one to pick on. I’d possibly put it above Low, it’s a very good album.


I loved her last one but ‘Tell Me’ did nothing for me at all. Ah well.


Nice to see The Orielles in there, great album that deserves more attention, new single is banging too


Resident just launched their 2018 annual and top 100 list.
(click through for a nice write-up for each album)

It’s usually a really good one, tends to switch me on to at least a few things I’ve missed.

First thoughts: Nice to see BC Camplight so high, shocked to see no Jicks.


Yay low!
Surprised to see let’s eat grandma so low down.




Of the lists up here so far this is the one that most resembles what I would generally expect. That’s not to say that the music matches at all my personal favourites but it seems to tally with what have generally been the most prominently acclaimed albums of this year.

I’ve never been to a Fopp but I’m guessing they are catering to a pretty mainstream audience so in that context this feels like a pretty honest list rather than one aimed at shifting a tonne more units. Unless they’ve totally overstocked on that insanely expensive vinyl edition of the Kamasi Washington album of course :wink:


The top 20 is almost exactly as I’d imagine a Fopp top 20 to be. 21-100, on the other hand, has some pretty bonkers entries and placings. How they’re justifying the new Pumpkins album at #50 (therefore making it the musical mean of the year according to Fopp) is beyond me, given how many genuinely good albums fall beneath it.


It’s a perfectly good album. 50 is too low if anything, but I’m happy to see him on a list at all.


Ah that’s interesting - like I said never actually been in a fopp. Assumed it was a sort of updated Our Price.


They’re generally really nice shops, much more focussed on music than places like HMV now, which sort of shuffle the music side of the business into the back corner and would rather sell you DVDs and pop vinyls now.