Best Albums of The Year 2018 - Listageddon


Sounds a bit like fnac in France, which is surprisingly good. Will check one out when I get the chance.


What do you mean by this?


It would make sense if only 100 albums had been released in the year


Even then they would’ve meant the median not the mean?


True, but at least we’d understand what he was trying to say


Suddenly, pedants!


We frequently operate in a fairly pedantic mode round here.


You said that Fopp had deemed the Smashing Pumpkins album the average album released this year. Which was just a baffling thing to say…


Although it is a fascinating idea that would could determine what the precise ‘average album’ of the year is. More interesting than all this arguing about the ‘best’.


A Perfect Circle??

highly doubtful face


BBC 6 Music


Interesting list isn’t it? A few I’ve not checked out to investigate. Still trying to get into Idles but - like the first time you find an ale you like after years of lager - I think Mclusky and Future or the Left have ruined brash rock bands like this for me. People seem to genuinely adore Idles and are really emotionally affected by it but I think my numbness to the news and need to escape the realities of modern life has led me to retreat from listening to records about now.


I probably should check out Khruangbin. I tend to roll my eyes over ‘political’ music a lot of the time but I really like the Idles album, a lot of it is more personal than political anyway


Number One - “exclusive Piccadilly Bonus Disc Edition” - awk I do love a bit of coincidence.


What you say reflects almost identically why I resisted Idles for so long. I finally relented and bought the album and it’s completely brilliant- the black humour lifts it above the fray and stops it from being too ‘worthy’.


Ha, I’m prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one as they’ve a good track record in added value when it comes to the end of year lists - often squeeze in bonus discs or artist mixes etc.

Must admit I’ve never heard of her before. She’s probably a bit obscure for any nefarious greasing of palms…unless the Pic Rec crew really wanted to get their hands on that exclusive three outtakes CD!


Childqueen. Good album. You should give it a listen if you haven’t yet … one of my 23 favourite albums released in June :slight_smile:


There is surely no higher praise than this! :wink:

Thanks, will give it a listen.


I’d never heard of until I saw it on this list. It’s a little pearl. Piccadilly is an excellent record shop and their list is always worth investigating.


Man, I love you @bornin69x - you replied to my post when I mentioned this album back on 13 June. (If I was more adept at this computer stuff I would link our exchanges, but I am not.) I think the brilliance of the Hilary Woods release that week probably (understandably) blinded you to the understated gem that is Childqueen.