Best Albums of The Year 2018 - Listageddon


Ha! Indeed not, sir! I can provide details of the other 22, if you were so inclined …:rofl:


There were, as you say, a LOT of good albums released in June.


Try not to take everything so seriously, dear.


oh cool, never heard of Goon Sax. it’s quite impressive and a better choice to get deserved attention than Rolling Blackouts.



Surely held back by it’s awful cover.


The Skinny has started doing its top 10


How so?


With you on RBCF, it’s decent but quite disappointing in comparison to French press EP


I wrote this one :slight_smile:


The running total of ‘Best Of 2018 lists’ on AOTY has Kamasi, Low, Idles an RBCF beginning to pull away from the pack. I would have predicted the first three but the fourth is a complete surprise to me. I didn’t notice it getting particularly ecstatic reviews when it came out (it’s not even in the top 100 on the AOTY list that is based on review scores). That would suggest it has radically gone up in critics’ estimation since it came out. I don’t know why.


There’s still a shitload of lists to come but yeah I sure as hell didn’t expect RBCF to be so popular thus far


Avclub’s metal albums:

Deafheaven is mentioned as metal in the comments about another band, but not on the list.


Sister Ray always keep it lowkey:

Nice to see Helena Hauff and a couple of other of my personal favs in there and definitely more than a few I haven’t heard of to check out.


The Skinny’s top 10 is now up




No sign of a clear winner emerging at the moment. AOTY has 16 lists up now and there have been 14 different number ones. Only one record (Kamasi) has more than one top place (and then only three). There are a lot more lists to come, obviously, but it’s difficult to pick a clear critic’s favourite at the moment.

It’s interesting that the Kamasi album attracted good but not outstanding reviews when it came out, where normally a record that is going to be top of the critic’s polls at the end of the year would have been getting 10 out of 10 reviews from the start.


Kamasi seems to be coming too overall (don’t think a single DiS staff member voted for it and not seen it much on the user votes) (6 Music have been playing him a lot but can’t seem to get into this album)


I like it, but I don’t think it is an advance on anything he’s done before, which is perhaps why the reviews were respectful rather than gushing. I still think (hope) that Low might emerge from the critical consensus. It’s a great, brave album and real advance from a long established band and it feels ‘right’ for the times somehow.


LOW are top of the tree according to MetaCritic