Best Albums of The Year 2018 - Listageddon



The Quietus weigh in. Well done Gazelle Twin!


About 40 albums on their list I’ve actually heard of this year. The Quietus have gone soft!



Suede had an album out this year???



Melody Maker critic Neil Kulkarni reveals his top 30 metal albums of the year. He’s also doing top 30’s for hip hop, bass music, and pop.


Always found it really annoying that The Guardian put the list so it goes from the top to the bottom rather than the other way round. Must be the only website that does this.


hmm. i said it above, but if anyone’s thinking of giving Kacey Musgraves a go based on these lists, i’d urge you to check out her previous 2 albums, which are imo much better records.

still, good for her getting some well-earned recognition.


I’ve heard of exactly ten percent of these metal bands. God I feel old.


The only band I have even a passing knowledge of in that list is Windhand but I err to the side of stoner/psyche stuff anyway. I might check out King Goat, though.


Well done, Stereogum. You’ve just sold me on Holy Fawn. This is some excellent post-rock/blackgaze (heavy on the gaze).


Yea, that Holy Fawn album is pretty great :smiley:



Me too. So much interesting stuff to investigate…


The Wire


Proc Fiskal in the top 15! Bloody love that record.


Am familiar with 3 of the top 10. Better than most years


I remember Stereogum slating Pageant Material :frowning: