Best and worst artificial fruit flavours

BEST: orange
WORST: pear

banana straddles both somehow


Best: watermelon
Worst: banana
I prefer artificial banana to the real deal though.

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Much closer to worst.

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Pear drops are lovely, Eps.


They are the worst. Had one by accident at the weekend and remembering it was the inspiration for this thread.

best: lime
worst: strawberry (so dull)

I prefer all artificial flavours to the real thing tbh. Humans have conquered nature and bent it to their will.

Pure concentrated artificial roast beef flavour is HOUFIN, in case you were wondering.

Best - cherry
Worst - blackcurrent

Hot Ribena m8

Did want to cravat it with “Ribena is fine” but everything else and every other blackcurrent Ribena variant is awful (the low sugar/sugar free versions are rank).