Best and Worst English Counties and Cities: FACTS

We’ve debated these endlessly on DiS before, but the official results are in thanks to a YouGov pol of the great British public:

Nice to see the Isle of Wight doing well.

Also: is Ely a city? @anon50098204

Also, wtf is St David’s?

Ely and St Davids: both cities


It’s a city. Keep up m9

Voted for by the people that brought you Brexit. Must be right then.

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Lichfield? WELLS? Pffft.

Bath second?? What a crock o shite

Were the only voters in this people who go on coach holidays?

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Get yourself a cathedral and you’re sorted city-wise.

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Not if yr Guildford


Yeah, Luton’s nice… oh wait-

A proper shower

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You’d think, but Ely had to wait until the 70s or something to become a city. Had a cathedral for literally hundreds of years!

THIS country.

Yep, and Oxford and Cambridge - no cathedrals, but they’re cities too!

In fact, even York, the most popular city, doesn’t have a cathedral (EDIT, before I’m marckeed - apparently a minster does count as a cathedral).

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So on the whole (few exceptions, obviously) people like the really caucasian places and don’t like the multicultural cities…


Lots of innate anti-midlands bias too. Sad to see.


Oxford’s got a cathedral

Lincoln high but Lincolnshire low. Those racists in Boston and Sleaford dragging us down again.

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So it does! My ecclesiastical knowledge is on poor form this morning. And it’s at the sister college of my own. Most distressing.