Best and Worst English Counties and Cities: FACTS

Stoke is very high on that cities list, who the hell likes Stoke


Stoke shouldn’t even count as a city because it’s just a conurbation of shit towns.


Guess we can chalk London off on that basis too.


I hope they only asked people who have been to every British county and city otherwise the results might be a bit meaningless


Surrey shoving it in Greater London’s face, again!

Just ahead of the mighty Rutland too. Congrats!

W.Sussex better than Kent, told you so @weeber mate

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Should divide it up into Westminster and the City, then they’d both do terribly.

Yeah, fuck you Rutland pricks!

I just spend the weekend in Northamptonshire, it was pretty shite tbh.

City of London > City of Westminster

Looks like people value living close to a national park or the coast


Thank you

Not all minsters count as cathedrals, though, for example Reading Minster, just a church.



Why isn’t St Asaph in the city poll? Anti-Welsh bias strikes again.

Genuinely happy to be learning these facts.

because it’s not in England?

I’ve visited 34, which is more than I would have guessed.