Best and Worst English Counties and Cities: FACTS

Essex doesn’t like any of you cunts either


But it’s in Britain

Fuck off is Truro 7th on that list. Perfectly nice but it’s not that fucking great is it. FUMING.

Check the city list again and report back.

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Check your thread title and sort yourself out!

I was going to bring it up but was too lazy, it irked me that the county list was exclusively English but the city list included Wales and Scotland.

Brighton only at number 18? Pffff!

It should be MUCH higher!


Never been but I’m going to say that’s harsh on Bradford, everyone that’s ever been/from there say it’s great. Reckon that’s just a bit of the old racism



No way it’s worse than Chichester (for example)

I know no map is accurate and nobody has a good way of measuring coastlines, but can we put that ‘fact’ about Essex having the second longest English coastline to bed now?

And yet no Belfast? These YouGov fucks need to sort themselves out.

Not read the whole thing obv but were people just asked ‘do you like Rutland?’ ‘nah bunch of pricks mate’ and that’s the extent of it

It’s one of those places that suffers from being near a load of nicer places. If they picked it up and put it in the middle of, say, Hertfordshire it’d be a top fiver.

Ordnance Survey says it’s Cornwall, which makes sense when you look at a map, but explains the whole Essex thing too:

legend has it, local promoter, Dan Le Sac was overheard explaining this very fact to ol’ Scroobius, when they first met at the Fez club.


This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Ripon

Reading Minster? Just a church
Stow Minster? Just a church
Wimborne Minster? Just a church

And so on


Chi is a middle class utopia (definitely a bad thing), and ties into Bugduv’s point around cultural melting pots getting a lower score on this list

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Population <17,000, behave yourselves

Lovely cathedral with an excellent example of Early English gothic architecture (yes I am just reading Wikipedia articles about churches now)