Best and Worst Irish-themed Pubs



I don’t mind a Waxy O’Connors due to silly layouts.

Didnt like MacSorleys in New York for some reason they give you 2 small drinks and say ‘everyone gets 2 drinks’ Weird

I got excited in Seville cos they had a Smithwicks tap but it was just for show


The Wicklow Arms in Bilbao is great.

O’Neills is the best place to watch football in the centre of Nottingham (there are some REALLY shit pubs in the centre).

Can enjoy a shit Irish pub on holiday if there’s a game on. Michael Collins before hitting primavera for example


That one on the square in Prague is terrible.

Had my first ever underage beer in an Irish pub in Sevilla. Wonder if it was the same one

Think it was this O’Neills

C. Adriano, 34, 41001 Sevilla, Spain
+34 954 22 26 18

Its was pre-google maps, free roaming charges etc., so would just meet there all the time

The Shamrock down by CCCB is a proper kip too. Watched Ireland vs. Uruguay in there and got fairly demented.

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I worked in and ran this pub for 6 years. A glorious, awful, wonderful dive


Review from well after my time but still funny and nice to see nothing’s changed


Oh wait who’s that giant ugly toddler behind the bar

Massively at it, SPD2013


Also, there’s an Irish bar in Catania, Sicily that was very good fun and remains the only place I’ve ever done karaoke.

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Funky - Belfast born and bred


one of the few pubs you can do a pub crawl inside

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He’s not even from Belfast he’s from Warrenpoint which makes the whole thing funnier.


My brother would frequent Shenanigans in Liverpool once upon a time. That was a decent bar

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Found it! This was a load of Welsh men who were going to the racecourse. They kept going off down the street with their drinks and were told not to over and over then got really aggressive. Just me working on like a Wednesday lunchtime so I turned the racing on TV off and told them to fuck off. Not even my finest hour.



Looking like the future islands singer in that first photo


Worst - O’Neills in Cardiff (the one that used to be next to the market)

Best - ‘Fatty’s’ in Dusseldorf

Have you ever seen us in the same room?

I went to the international convention of Irish bar owners once, in Dublin. That was fun.