Best and worst loaf for toast?

To be fair, I started this thread because Warbies Original Seeded Batch is a great sandwich loaf but a terrible toaster.

Warbies Toastie and the rarely spotted Super Toastie are A Class toasters, though, and Warbies Danish is the fluffiest non-bellend bread you’ll get.

In fact, fuck it, name the nearest beach to your home and we’ll have a four-rounder at sunbreak.

See you at Gylly Beach tomorrow. We’ll have a wallop with a pair of stale Warburton’s loafs.

I’ve spent the last few months eating gluten-free bread. Christ, either it tastes like cake or a pair of old shoes.

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also the Morrisons pumpkin seed loaf, the instore bakery one

both bangers


I’ve massively cut down on my bread consumption recently. Feel it’s contributed massively to my firm, regular shits.

Best: Jacksons White bloomer (Seeded better for sandwiches though)
Worst: tesco danish loaf. Goes too crispy too quick.

Warbutons Toastie Orange

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don’t think anyone who buys that floury white bread should be allowed to vote

(I like normal white bread, is just the floury one)

Been a long standing fan of this

On setting 3½ in our toaster.


Agree Danish loaf is the worst for toasting for the same reasons. One of the best for dipping in soup though.

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Hovis Granary Thick

A little update for y’all, although Umut have stopped stocking it, I found another place this morning that at least stocks the Medium version. Its not perfect but its sure as shit better than eating Kingsmill

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Aldi Malted Bloomer. miss it so much

This one ^


I’d take the shittiest uk loaf over the best us loaf. Any bread on the bread shelf here tastes like they put half a bag of sugar in it. Bakery section bread is meh.

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Lidl do a walnut and fig loaf that is almost the best thing ever when eaten with really strong cheese. Black bomber, for example. Maybe a bit of parma ham. I’m going to Lidl now.

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Gonna throw this out there - no country is better than the U.K. at sliced/bagged bread

just recently go into jacksons bread. oh man.


Pretty damn good

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Beyond the UK I have only tried bagged bread in the USA. It was utterly :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: and also ridiculously :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign:

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