Best and worst subscription services

Inspired by @barleysugar what are you loving and hating?

I love my Hubble contact lense subscription. Has taken all of the effort and relative expense out of being able to see things. Also checked in with my optician and they were pleasantly surprised to see that they were actually pretty good.


I’ve got a headspace trial goin on right now. Haven’t used it. Doing this wrong.

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quite enjoy my subscription to The Internet


Yeah good point my subscription pays dividends

Best: Google Play Music

Worst: Drowned In Sound dot Com probably Now TV but I think 'er indoors watches Bones or one of those piles of shite on it

worst are the ones where it’s a free trial and they make it ridiculously hard to cancel. had one where you could only cancel via a lengthy conversation with the chatbot where they first offer you a bunch of different deals and you have to decline them all in turn


We all like to have a bitch and moan about Spotify but I love my Spotify family account. It certainly isn’t perfect but my kids can listen to whatever they like rather than having to spend every penny of their pocket money on cassette tapes in woolworths like I had to at their age.


I’ve just signed up for a Harry’s razor subscription. No idea if it’ll be any good but the trial was free excluding the postage.

Also love my audible subscription! God I sound like such a shill…

If you are into decent long books it’s well worth it, makes my stupid commute much less painful.

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Worst: Tinder Gold I’m just having too much sex


Who Gives a Crap


Good or bad


Only have 2 nowadays

Best - Spotify family.

Worst - Netflix. Have watched the majority of stuff the appeals to me and basically only keep it for new IASIP, rewatching The Thick of It and Rick and Morty

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I have a Cornerstone shaving subscription, it’s great tbh. Spotify Premium obvs. Also Now TV Hayu pass and Netflix, which are fine.

Oh, good, a few irks with them (why wrap them in paper on the first place if they’re all in a box) but it lasts so long!

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Really enjoyed my Gousto subscription whilst I used it. Haven’t done it for months for various reasons but will probably go back to it at some point.

Lenstore for me 32 quid for 45 pairs. Can’t complain.

Enjoying Spotify family and Netflix

Have cancelled any bad ones

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Netflix is shit but we’ve had it since launch. Still end up buying second hand DVDs and blu rays now and then.

I like Spotify. Stopped me pirating.


I have

Amazon prime
Now TV… er TV package

They’re all fine. Keep thinking about shudder but haven’t gone in yet.

I miss lovefilm, particularly as I’d worked out a pretty good way of manipulating it to get stuff.

Never used it obvs but worst was definitely that cheese toastie one, although I keep getting ads for a pasta one, which might be worse?