Best and worst subscription services

I found I was missing lovefilm too - so now I have cinema paradiso, and it’s just as good



Get a trial
Get a book with your 1 credit
Finish it at your leisure
Ask for a refund
Get a refund
Use your credit for a new book

Never fails.

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Netflix: using my dads at the moment, thanks dad
Spotify: I know, I know. But I use it for hours every day and making those 800+ playlists I have brought me so much joy

Not subscriptions but I donate to here and ICheckMovies because both sites improve my life.

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Yeah, I did look at it at the time, but it looked pricey in comparison to Lovefilm - but I suspect that was because LF ended up insanely cheap after they severed the streaming service off to Prime, and what CP are charging is actually a sustainable business model.

Definitely should consider it now, anyway…

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I have too many really

Netflix, now TV and Amazon - but all the kids use them too so cancelling one might cause ructions if someone’s midway through something :slightly_smiling_face:

Feels daft having cinema paradiso too - but I like to see most of the decent films and some never show up on streaming, or not for ages

Spotify cos ripping CDs and doing download codes and then trying to use my ancient computer to get the music on my phone became too much hassle

I also still buy cheap dvds and blu rays (mainly second hand) from time to time - they can be crazy cheap and it’s nice to know you have the option to watch your favourites whenever you like

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Did it today. The relief.

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  • Spotify: What an absolute piece of shit app.
  • Now TV: Fucking Hell, this is even worse.

Unpopular opinion alert: amazon prime next day delivery is incredible, but too powerful for someone who likes to make impulsive drunk purchases of old nu metal and bad 90s britrock cds.


Been on Spotify for a couple of weeks after having been on Deezer for years, and I’m not a fan. Moving back to Deezer at the end of a month. Spotify ‘feels’ worse somehow although it’s pretty much the same tbqfh.

Sky can fuck off but mrs l_k won’t get rid. Shrug.

Got anymore £200 boxsets?

I’m so glad I didn’t confirm that.

A couple of weeks ago I woke up with this sat in my cart but luckily not checked out. Need to put some kind of breathalyser on my phone.


but that’s what made the absolute music forum nerd i am today!


actually to be fair when i was a kid there was always one person in your class who could copy CDs and would sell them to you for a couple of quid. so quaint now.

Last time I did this I bought the Matrix sequels for a quid each

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Shudder is pretty poor value unless you’re really into horror IMO. We did a week trial where we binged it and were done before it was up.

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Tbf my ability to watch trash horror is pretty much unlimited

(But yeah. I meant to sign up for October and rinse it but just didn’t)


Bought nba league pass for the playoffs this year and didn’t realise it auto renewed into a full season subscription so got charged £160 for something I’d no intention of using! :open_mouth: Contacted them straight away and got it refunded but fucking hell, was furious for a couple of days there.

Second captains is the best value for money thing I subscribe to

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So much this. If there was something like this when I was a kid i would’ve saved sooo much money.

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