Best Angel Delight flavour


No poll. It’s butterscotch


I don’t think Angel Delight was very nice really now that I think about it



Wish they still did vanilla.


Never had it. Used to stare at the packages but we never got bought it. It’s like a mousse slop thing yeah?


Butterscotch. those that say otherwise haven’t had butterscotch flavour


Never had angel delight. Looks painfully shit


As a general rule chocolate is the best flavour for sweet products and salt and vinegar is the best flavour for savoury products.


that’s the chocolate one




Wrong and wronger


Fuck up mate


second opinion i can get on board with for real


woah a landslide show of support for my OP. i feel like a rockstar


Sweet stuff - totally depends, strawberry or lemon probably the safest bets.
Savoury - sweet chilli


Best flavour

  • Butterscotch
  • You’re right, it is butterscotch

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Why would you have Angel Delight when you can have Jelly?


Are you meant to have it on its own or is it like a replacement for custard?


Do you think an Angel would actually be delighted by this product?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Difficult to say really
  • According to Leviticus or whatever an Angel only eats chocolate flavour sweet things and salt and vinegar flavoured savoury things
  • I know the answer to this question but am being wilfully difficult by refusing to answer

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you put it in sandwiches


That bit in his amazing freestyle where Black Thought says “It’s yours truly the celestial being you stay seeing pull up in a fresh European” is dead good eh